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Mimi-Maintien (bonnets B-C)

Trouver un soutien-gorge qui vous procure un maintien qui vous convient est important. Si vous n'aimez pas l'ajustement, retournez-le - on s'occupe du retour.

les raisons de sa création

Nous avons conçu ce soutien-gorge de façon à procurer un soutien sans rebonds à notre poitrine, de notre première enjambée jusqu'à notre dernier sprint vers la maison. Fait à partir de tissu Swim léger, ce soutien-gorge aux coutures collées a été conçu de façon à épouser nos formes uniques au fur et à mesure qu'il se réchauffe.

tissus + caractéristiques

  • spécialement conçu pour les athlètes de bonnets B et C
  • sa coupe ajustée procure un soutien maximal – il se desserrera et épousera les courbes de votre corps pendant vos activités
  • tissu doux et léger pour éviter d’irriter la peau délicate de votre poitrine
  • la structure collée à coutures minimales réduit les chances d'irritation
  • la fermeture à agrafes ajustable vous permet de l'ajuster à votre gré
  • la coupe à dos nageur vous procure une liberté de mouvement
  • les bonnets amovibles sont légers et discrets
  • importé

coupe + fonction

  • conçu pour : course sur longue distance et sports intenses pour les femmes de bonnets B et C
  • maintien : haute
  • couverture : moyenne
un moment, s'il vous plaît
un moment, s'il vous plaît
$68,00 CAD
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Bitty Bracer (B-C cup) 3.4 5 126 126
Not worth the cost This is an OK bra but I don't feel it's worth the cost - I also have other, slightly cheaper lululemon bras which I like much better. This bra was VERY tight when I got it, but loosened up and felt great on my first run. However, over time (not long, a couple of weeks) it seemed to loosen enough that it seemed almost too big and no longer performed its function. Compared to my other lulu bras, this one is quite low in the front, not offering as much coverage as I would want, so I can only wear it with shirts that are higher. Also, after washing it only a couple of times, the seam seams are coming apart in the front (where they appear to be glued together). All in all, for these reasons I rarely wear it and do not think it's worth the price, I wouldn't buy it again. I don't find it provides any better support than my 'in a flash' bras, which are cheaper and offer better coverage. October 29, 2014
Best one yet I can't believe this product is being discontinued, I just went in to pick another one up! This bra holds everything in place, is perfectly lined & is great for modesty in the gym! I wear this bra for weight lifting, running on the treadmill, rowing, circuit training. I was hoping you were going to expand the colour line, there is no other bra that compares to it. October 24, 2014
Painful This bra is so tight that it's painful. I tried wearing it on numerous occasions and had shoulder tension and pain for days following. Very unhappy with this purchase. October 23, 2014
Bring em Back! I do not even have this bra! but I want one so badly based on reviews online and my friends who have them! This bra seems to be one of your best ever and it would be so disappointing if you discontinued them! Besides that, in general, I absolutely love your clothes and I practically live in them. Thanks for making my sweat life more fashionable and fun :) October 13, 2014
Great at first, but doesn't last I LOVED LOVED LOVED this bra when I first got it (May 2014). In fact, I went out and bought a second one the next week so I would have two. I'm a 38C and do ultramarathons, so I really needed something that would keep the girls sucked in. They both worked great for about the first 3-4 months, but now they seem stretched out and work no better than my $15 Target bras. In addition to that, the side seam (along the boob, under the armpit) on the second one I bought came unstitched (this probably happened ~2 months in and now I rarely wear it). I really wanted to love this bra, but for that much money, it's not worth it. October 9, 2014
Best.Sports.Bra.Ever My first review ever and the Bitty Bracer receives all my praises. The previous reviewer was the final straw that led me to its purchase and I couldn't be happier. The fit is so snug and fitted that you forget you have anything on top that should be moving! Although the bra is snug it is also very comfortable. Almost like a second skin. I wear it mainly for crossfit, running, boxing, etc. I've tried many of the Lulu sports bras and I have to say the Bitty Bracer is by far my favourite. So much so that I'm buying another! Hooray for the Bitty Bracer! October 5, 2014
Great for Running At first, I was EXTREMELY skeptical when I tried on this bra for the first time. It took me quite a lot of energy to just put the thing on and it was really right. I let my mom wear it (two cup sizes smaller than me) and she fit into it fine. I really wanted to have a high support bra though so I figured I'd give it another shot. After a run, the bra molded to the shape of my body and my run was absolutely fantastic and bounce free! The only thing I don't like about this bra is how the straps live a little bit of a red mark on my skin because they are a little tight. I would suggest to buy a size up if you don't need EXTREME support and are looking for comfort. All and all a good buy!! :) September 23, 2014
Ehhh was great I bought this top for dance in july have worn it max 10 since then,its a great sports bra but now as soon is i put it on, on the side its super baggy it used to fit but now it doesnt. Its almost to big to wear because its all stretched out i will not buy this top again i am dispointed becuse it WAS my favorite. September 21, 2014
not great for distance This bra fit great and I love how it held everything together! Thought that I had found my new favorite for long distance running-after being fit for the proper size. I wore it while training for a half marathon, only going as far as 15 km, on race day when all was said and done, and I had done ALOT of sweating, I have a major complaint-along the bottom seam of the bra I have a MAJOR cut into my skin where sweat must have been gathering and the material rubbed. I would not recommend this bra for long distances, and wont be wearing it again for that purpose. A week later and still nursing a very long and painful scab. September 11, 2014
Doesnt seem to last Like most reviews this product was very tight at first but it does stretch out with time. That's where I have a problem with it. I bought my first one about 4 months ago and I've started to notice that the girls seem to bounce more than when I first got it. I have even noticed excess material on the sides which was not the case initially. I'm tempted to put one in the dryer in hopes it will shrink. I always air dry all my lulu stuff. Maybe 4 months is the life expectancy for a running bra but it's not like I use it every day because I actually own 2 and I wash them after every run. A shame but it really was a great bra for about 4 months. The best one I have ever tried. After 2 kids I do not want my girls bouncing and I need the support. September 1, 2014