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Mimi-Maintien (bonnets B-C)

Trouver un soutien-gorge qui vous procure un maintien qui vous convient est important. Si vous n'aimez pas l'ajustement, retournez-le - on s'occupe du retour.

les raisons de sa création

Nous avons conçu ce soutien-gorge de façon à procurer un soutien sans rebonds à notre poitrine, de notre première enjambée jusqu'à notre dernier sprint vers la maison. Fait à partir de tissu Swim léger, ce soutien-gorge aux coutures collées a été conçu de façon à épouser nos formes uniques au fur et à mesure qu'il se réchauffe.

tissus + caractéristiques

  • spécialement conçu pour les athlètes de bonnets B et C
  • sa coupe ajustée procure un soutien maximal – le tissu se détendra et épousera vos courbes pendant vos activités
  • tissu doux et léger pour éviter d’irriter la peau délicate de votre poitrine
  • la structure collée à coutures minimales réduit le risque d'irritation
  • la fermeture à agrafes ajustable vous permet de l'ajuster à votre gré
  • la coupe à dos nageur vous procure une liberté de mouvement
  • les bonnets amovibles sont légers et discrets
  • importé

coupe + fonction

  • conçu pour : course sur longue distance et sports intenses pour les femmes de bonnets B et C
  • soutien : haute
  • couverture : moyenne
68,00 $ CAN
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{ "0001": [ [ "32 C", "3503753" ], [ "34 C", "3503754" ], [ "36 C", "3503755" ], [ "38 C", "3503756" ], [ "32 B", "3503748" ], [ "36 B", "3503750" ], [ "34 B", "3503749" ] ], "4441": [ [ "36 B", "3546240" ], [ "32 C", "3546243" ], [ "34 C", "3546244" ], [ "36 C", "3546245" ], [ "38 C", "3546246" ] ], "14043": [ [ "32 C", "3538540" ], [ "34 C", "3538541" ], [ "36 C", "3538542" ], [ "38 C", "3538543" ], [ "32 B", "3538535" ] ], "6925": [ [ "32 B", "3548195" ], [ "34 B", "3548196" ], [ "36 B", "3548197" ], [ "32 C", "3548200" ], [ "34 C", "3548201" ], [ "36 C", "3548202" ], [ "38 C", "3548203" ] ] }
{"34 B":[["0001","3503749"],["6925","3548196"]],"34 C":[["14043","3538541"],["0001","3503754"],["4441","3546244"],["6925","3548201"]],"32 C":[["14043","3538540"],["0001","3503753"],["4441","3546243"],["6925","3548200"]],"36 B":[["0001","3503750"],["4441","3546240"],["6925","3548197"]],"36 C":[["14043","3538542"],["0001","3503755"],["4441","3546245"],["6925","3548202"]],"32 B":[["14043","3538535"],["0001","3503748"],["6925","3548195"]],"38 C":[["14043","3538543"],["0001","3503756"],["4441","3546246"],["6925","3548203"]]}

Bitty Bracer (B-C cup) 3.4 5 110 110
Interesting concept...but seems to work! When I first put this on it didn't even cover half of my girls and I seriously thought I might pull a muscle getting it into place. After following the directions and coaxing everything into place it feels SUPER tight. I was extremely apprehensive about testing it out as it felt ridiculously uncomfortable and tight. All that said, after running for a few kilometers, getting hot and sweaty, the whole thing just seemed to kind of form into place and I couldn't even feel it anymore. It does seem to stretch out a bit with heat, dampness and wear. There was definitely NO movement happening with this bra on. Overall, interesting concept which seems to work. Definitely not the type of thing you want to wear every day. I usually take a 34B in bras and did not size up. Although it is very tight I'm pretty sure it fits the way it is supposed to. July 27, 2014
Takes getting used to I really like tight sports bras so I thought that this might be a good one for me. I had read the reviews so was prepared for it to be hard to get on. It definitely takes effort and seemed very small at first (I usually wear size 6 and got 34B in this). I was really apprehensive because it was not comfortable at all but from reading reviews I knew I had to try it on a few runs before reaching a verdict. I could barely move in it and had to keep adjusting things into position. Then I went on a hot 15k run and still was not sure until about 6k in. Once it gets wet it really does stretch out and gets 'stuck' into place and you don't feel like you're wearing anything but nothing moves. After that it felt really good. I'm happy I gave it a chance in action. All in all, definitely not something I'd be wearing around during the day, but great for long runs. However, it's quite expensive. July 27, 2014
bitty bracer I normally wear a 32C bra size but after trying that size on it was a little too much. I opted for the 34C (5'1, 115 lbs) and its supportive but not too snug. I have had it for about a year now and I will say it holds up great compared to some of the other Lulu products/bras I own. However I only wear it for long distance running so I am not sure how it would feel in a crossfit or other class setting. Perfect for running, but def size up. July 20, 2014
OMG!!! I really want this sport bra! but I have too many sport bras. ughhh July 17, 2014
Full on support to run with the wind The Bitty Bracer ran quite true to size for me - insanely tight when you first wriggle into it, but have no fear, the warmth from your speedy body will snuggle to fit within a run or two. Following a few shorter, then long runs, I used it for the recent Gold Coast Marathon and it was amazing. I say that because: a) no chaffing. Winner winner. b) All my marathon photos look perky - where less supportive bras, give the way on the bounce for a 'hanging low' look, the Bitty Bracer was high and mighty all the way. Super happy! July 8, 2014
Amazing I love this bra and suggest it it just came in the mail and I tried it on I just can't tell if I should have went a size up I ordered a 32 b and that is my size. But this sports bra makes a lot of back fat and I'm not even fat! June 30, 2014
Takes Some Getting Used To I bought this on a whim, I needed a new supportive bra for running. The women in the store were super super helpful. My bra size is a 32C but I ended up buying a 34C. It's supposed to fit tight and be hard to get on but the smaller one was just a little too much. It does seem tight and uncomfortable at first, but if you follow the directions on the tag (weird, I know) it is wonderful. It's definitely not a bra for lounging around in, but when you need something to really support the girls, it's perfect. No movement and its so comfortable and non-restricting. June 27, 2014
I couldn't even get it on... I made the mistake of buying this from "we made too much" and sadly can't send it back. I wear a 36C. I closely followed the directions on how to put it on, and the straps were not even long enough to reach the top of my breasts. I understand that it fits tightly and would be short, but this is way too short for a woman of 5'11". Once I had it half on, it was just as difficult to take off. Not being able to return it, I gave it to my friend to try. She is a few inches shorter than I am, but we wear the same bra size. She couldn't get it on either. Perhaps you can make an exception for a good customer and take this bra back. It has been the biggest waste of money, and I am hugely disappointed in it. June 25, 2014
Favorite Bra I'm not very large in the chest (B cup) but I like things secure when I run or CrossFit. I had started to notice some soreness after high impact workouts with some of my other bras (not Lulu). This was my first Lulu purchase and it completely eradicated any bounce induced pain. June 24, 2014
Woohoo!! I can run in just one bra!! I was really skeptical of this bra. I've never had a lulu bra work well for me, especially not for running. I'm a 38C and have a broad ribcage as well as big "girls" so up to now, I've always had to double up on sports bras for running. A friend told me how much she loved her bitty bracer, so I gave it a shot. I was terrified to try it on in-store (I had this image of getting stuck in the bra and having to ask someone to help me out of it) but it wasnt nearly as hard as I expected. I got my regular bra size and while it does take a bit of muscle to get it on, it wasnt that difficult. And yes, you DO have to scoop the girls in there! The fabric was stiffer than I expected and I was certain it would cause chaffing. But I have now gone on several, hot, muggy runs (ranging from 6 miles to 12 miles) in two different bitty bracers, and haven't had any issues. This is a huge deal as all my other bras chaffe to some point when it's hot & humid out. So not only do I get to wear only one bra (its amazing how much lighter I feel now) I don't have to bathe myself in body glide before each run either! As for the look of the does squish things out in certain places. But it's not much worse than other sports bras, and to be honest, I have extra stuff to be squished out, so I can't blame the bra for that! June 19, 2014
lululemon NA - modèle Build Release : OMS-PH1B.20140724.09:37 AM