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Soutien-Gorge Énergie

Ce tissu technique frais et lisse vous va comme une seconde peau tout en offrant maintien et performance à irritation minimale, en plus d'évacuer la sueur et être extensible en quatre directions

Trouver un soutien-gorge qui vous procure un maintien qui vous convient est important. Si vous n'aimez pas l'ajustement, retournez-le - on s'occupe du retour.

les raisons de sa création

Nous avons conçu ce soutien-gorge à maintien léger pour les filles à poitrine un peu plus généreuse. La large bande sous le buste donne du soutien à nos copines tandis que la couverture moyenne à l'avant vous évite de les dévoiler.

tissus + caractéristiques

  • le tissu technique LuxtremeMD est doux, frais et nous va comme une seconde peau, tout en offrant maintien et performance à irritation minimale
  • le tissu conserve bien sa forme grâce à l'ajout de fibres LYCRAMD qui bougent avec vous
  • le tissu évacue la sueur, laisse circuler l’air et est extensible en quatre directions
  • la doublure qui évacue la sueur est dotée de poches intégrées pour les bonnets amovibles
  • importé

coupe + fonction

  • conçu pour : yoga
  • tissu(s) :
  • maintien : léger
  • couverture : moyenne
un moment, s'il vous plaît
un moment, s'il vous plaît
$48,00 CAD
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Energy Bra 4.3 5 827 834
Pretty much the best sports bra ever I have a large selection of lulu bras, because they're cute, however this one is the only one I can actually practice yoga in comfortably. Never a worry of accidental body parts popping out in any inversion AND it has a pretty crisscrossy back that looks nice in low back tops. November 17, 2014
Great fit but poor quality This bra is super comfy and stays in place. However, after wearing it only twice and washing it once per the instructions, the seam/stitching has unraveled. I am concerned that the stitching will continue to unravel with future use. November 17, 2014
Updated fit is delightful! I just received mine a few days ago so I waited to review. I almost did not want to take it off! I even fell asleep in it (and full lulu regalia) one night when it got so cold I didn't even want to change into pajamas. It is perfect, comfy yet with great support. I have one from before that I stopped using because it was boxy-looking and weird on my, but the mauvelous hyper stripe I got now has changed my mind. I am faithful to the energy bra once more. November 16, 2014
Perfect for every thing I love this bra, it's the first one I've bought from Lulu and it works for all my little adventures. Every thing from running to going grocery shopping. It's functional and pretty. November 12, 2014
My favourite sports bra! This is by far my favourite sports bra, I ended up purchasing 2 different colours. It is extremely comfortable, breathable, multifunctional, and feminine. It does not feel chunky or restricting. I am always worried about the band around the bust being too tight and causing "muffin top", but this bra fits perfectly. I have used it for hot yoga, weight lifting, spin, snowboarding, hiking, and also as a substitute for a wired bra when I feel like dressing extra comfy. For those who need a little more support, and don't like too much cleavage - this bra is great. November 7, 2014
Strong but feminine bra! Love these bras. Own 8 of them and still want more. Waiting for gray size 4 though. November 4, 2014
not that great of a fit for me I am a runner with a small chest and relatively broad back. i love the free to be and flow y bras and I have never had chafing issues. I'm a size 2 in these bras. I tried this one in size 4 and it seemed to fit fine in the store; however, I came to notice that the seams dug into my lats and chafed my armpits once I started running in it. It's also very large-looking on me and covers half of my torso (more than medium coverage!), which is probably just a function of me having a small chest. It's a pretty bra and probably offers a lot more support than the free to be bra, but not for me. November 4, 2014
Great bra, but not sure about the quality I have a couple of energy bras and absolutely love them. I was wearing one the other day and realized that the stitching has come apart on the seam of the strap. I've had this bra for about a year, so it's a bit concerning that it hasn't held up. I have a lot of different Lululemon products and this is the first instance where a piece has started to fail. November 4, 2014
Perfect sports bra Fits true to size - it does feel tight when trying it on in store, however as soon as you get into action and start to sweat, it starts melting to your body (like all other fitted LL tanks and bras). I wear it for yoga and it stays perfectly in place and feels comfortable. I love its sleek look and its back in particular. It does create a bit of "back fat" but nothing major. November 2, 2014
Amazing-cute bras for bigger sizes! I am a 32DD and never get to wear cute bras. I'm always in some awful, expensive contraption to strap them down. I tried on an energy bra in store thinking there was no way I would actually be able to wear it, but amazingly enough, the 6 fits and I'm not falling out of it. It actually provides some support even at my size. It's great and I've since bought several more. I don't wear it for long runs or when the workout has a ton of double unders, but it manages pretty much everything else. I am impressed. It's also cheaper and waaay cuter than my running bras. October 27, 2014