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Soutien-gorge en Y IV

Notre fameux tissu est extensible en quatre directions, il évacue la sueur et est doux comme du coton. Nous adorons ce tissu haute performance pour son extensibilité et sa rétention incomparables
Ce tissu léger et extensible évacue la sueur et vous retient tout en laissant circuler l'air - idéal pour toute activité qui vous fait suer

Trouver un soutien-gorge qui vous procure un maintien qui vous convient est important. Si vous n'aimez pas l'ajustement, retournez-le - on s'occupe du retour.

les raisons de sa création

La simplicité dans toute sa splendeur. Nous avons conçu ce soutien-gorge dos nageur parce que nous voulions un classique intemporel à porter sous n'importe quelle camisole, peu importe l'activité. Nous l'avons doublé de tissu qui évacue la sueur et y avons ajouté de la maille à des endroits stratégiques pour mieux évacuer la sueur pendant nos activités intenses.

tissus + caractéristiques

  • le tissu LuonMD doux comme du coton est conçu pour s'étirer tout en conservant sa forme
  • ce tissu technique évacue la sueur et est extensible en quatre directions
  • l'ajout de fibres LYCRAMD durables permet au tissu extensible de retenir sa forme
  • bandes légères en maille aux zones de sueur intense pour favoriser la circulation de l’air
  • les bretelles fines vous permettent d'effectuer des torsions sans problème
  • la bande élastique anti-irritations sous la poitrine fournit du soutien là où vous en avez le plus besoin
  • conçue avec des pochettes pour bonnets amovibles
  • importé

coupe + fonction

  • conçu pour : yoga
  • tissu(s) :
  • maintien : léger
  • couverture : minimale
un moment, s'il vous plaît
un moment, s'il vous plaît
$42,00 CAD
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Flow Y Bra IV 4 5 743 745
What happended to the sizing? I have a number of flow Y bras and power Y tanks and have been the size size for years. I grabbed the new flow Y on MD at my store, tried it on and while it felt a little snug the educator ensured me it was the correct fit. I went home, took off the tags to do my home practice and couldn't get through the entire flow without wanting to rip my bra off. WAY TOO TIGHT. When I measured it against the old bras it was at least an inch smaller, but the same size. Unfortunately the tags are off, and I bought it on MD so I'm not sure if I can return this bra. Really disappointed, these were always my go-to bras. May 20, 2015
Wanted to love it I LOVED my 2 flow y bras when I first bought them. They fit like a dream and made my girls look perky. After only a couple washes (on delicate and hung to dry) the straps have stretched out enough that my girls now look saggy and I'm constantly trying to pull my bra up. I wish the straps were a little less I'm on the hunt for a more supportive bra. May 19, 2015
Almost perfect I love this bra. I have this in multiple colors and sizes. I'm a 34C, typically wear a 6 in the CRB tank, and buy this bra in either a 6 or an 8. The size 6 I use for crossfit, short runs, etc. and the 8 I wear just for lifting and other low-impact activities. I really wish the straps were just a tiny bit shorter or less stretchy. With both sizes, I find myself pulling the bra up throughout the day. If I knew how to sew, I would definitely shorten the straps, but sadly I don't May 17, 2015
Good Support Good coverage and support. My only complaint is that the straps dig into my back and armpits. I found it uncomfortable at first, but it gets better the longer you wear it. However, I will not be purchasing this bra again. I found the straps to be way to tight. For reference: 130 lbs, 5'8", 34B cup, size 6 in Lulu. May 10, 2015
great purchase I have about 6 of this style bra and I love it! They are great for hiking and weight lifting and you dont have to adjust it all the time either. I love the amount of coverage it gives you and the general look of the bra!! It may not be the most creative with the straps but its great quality and provides good coverage. May 5, 2015
Sports Bra for Low Impact Love this sports bra but for low impact exercises. The straps will sometimes leave red marks on my shoulders if I do any cardio or kickboxing. April 30, 2015
Great Sports Bra!!! This sports bra is awesome! I just received it in the mail, and am already in love with it. It's great for everyday wear, as well as sports. It holds the boobs down when running, but gives them just enough lift for anything else. The Y-shaped straps allow for a full rnage of movement when running, and don't cause my should pain like my lulu FTB bras do. The mesh is a great feature, as it keeps your back cool during those sweaty workouts. For reference, I am 5'3, 117 pounds, 32A and the size 4 fits me perfectly! April 23, 2015
Very comfy, but runs small I was looking for bras for lounging and running errands in, and this is a perfect bra for that purpose! I initially tried my usual size 6, and it was a bit too tight. Then I ordered 8, and it feels perfect. I am a A cup and don't need much support at all, and I feel there is enough coverage. It feels sort of crazy that I wear size 8 bra, although my street size is 2 and my bra size is 32-34A! However, for high intensitiy workout, I prefer more tight fit, and more coverage, so I use size 6 Energy Bra. April 22, 2015
Favorite Bra! I always look forward to new colors and have a Flow Y Bra collection! I am small chested & think this is the most comfortable bra. I lift weights and love the amount of stretch both around the chest & also over the shoulder. Keep them coming! :) April 21, 2015
Cute, but serves little purpose. Cute bra, has 0 support. The straps are a little too long and unadjustable. Ok to wear under something that has good coverage. Great for Yin, best suited for a small A or B cup. April 20, 2015