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Soutien-gorge Libre d'être

Ce tissu technique frais et lisse vous va comme une seconde peau tout en offrant maintien et performance à irritation minimale, en plus d'évacuer la sueur et être extensible en quatre directions
Ce tissu léger et extensible évacue la sueur et vous retient tout en laissant circuler l'air - idéal pour toute activité qui vous fait suer

Trouver un soutien-gorge qui vous procure un maintien qui vous convient est important. Si vous n'aimez pas l'ajustement, retournez-le - on s'occupe du retour.

les raisons de sa création

Nous avons conçu ce soutien-gorge pour les adeptes de yoga chaud parmi nous qui ont une petite poitrine. Les tissus qui évacuent la sueur sont faits pour en prendre et l’encolure profonde à l'avant permet à notre peau de sécher rapidement. La conception dos ouvert est dotée de bretelles à boucles qui suivent nos torsions et nous permettent de nous concentrer sur notre posture.

tissus + caractéristiques

  • le tissu technique LuxtremeMD est doux, frais et nous va comme une seconde peau, tout en offrant maintien et performance à irritation minimale
  • le tissu LuxtremeMD évacue la sueur et est extensible en quatre directions
  • conserve bien sa forme grâce à l'ajout de fibres LYCRAMD qui bougent avec vous
  • le soutien-gorge doublé de maille légère évacue la sueur et sèche rapidement
  • conçue avec des pochettes pour bonnets amovibles
  • importé

coupe + fonction

  • conçu pour : course, gym
  • tissu(s) :
  • maintien : léger
  • couverture : minimale
un moment, s'il vous plaît
un moment, s'il vous plaît
$42,00 CAD
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Free To Be Bra 4.2 5 819 823
best one yet excellent fit. this style bra has got to be my favorite one! i have two of these now and plan to get more. i use this mainly for running and working out, but they're so comfortable i sometimes use it to go out (of course with a top on) or just to lounge around in at home. seriously can't go wrong with this one January 26, 2015
disappointed I bought this bra after reading some of the great reviews and thinking it would be great for smaller chests. However, this just does not fit right. Its too big in the band and I do not feel secure whatsoever. Unfortunately, i already took the tags off otherwise I would totally exchange this for the Flow Y Bra IV. If you are considering buying this i would highly recommend trying it on first as i think it runs a bit large. Just wish this fit me because it is a comfortable material. January 23, 2015
favourite for day to day i loveee this bra for every day and for lighter work outs (not running) i find i fit a 8 in the Flow Y but i like a 10 in the Free to Be - i'm about 36C. Flow Y is great for running and harder work outs but i find this one to be a bit more relaxed and comfortable, and I can still wear it to the gym. I've just purchased another as I recently had a neck injury and I find this one isn't too tight around the neck so doesn't irritate my injury. Love love! Just would suggest it's good to try on first for size, but hey lulu offers free returns so?. January 22, 2015
Uncomfortable Fit I am 5'2", 95 lbs, 32B. Finally invested in a Lululemon bra after years of only buying jackets and long sleeve tops. I normally wear the unlined lightweight VSX bras, but wanted something that had cups and was not extremely padded/push-up. I picked up this bra in stores in the Dream rose deep coal color - the fabric is great quality like all Lululemon clothing, and I loved the subtle print on the fabric. I chose the FTB bra in a size 4 over the FTB*Wild because of moveability. The FTB*Wild has twice as many straps, and felt like it restrained the range of movement of my back. Once I started wearing the FTB bra for longer periods of time, I noticed that the straps began to dig into my shoulders. For some reason, the thin straps in the back are not as stretchy as the thicker front straps - they remain taut when you wear the bra, with no give at all. This caused the back hem of the band to constantly be pulled upwards - extremely unsightly. I can't stand the way it looks puckered up in the back, so I would constantly pull it down to lay flat. Instead, it caused the front hemline of the band to be pulled upwards, showing the bottom of my boobs. Keep in mind, I am very very small breasted - I'm not even a full B. The fact that this bra cannot even wrap over my small chest is so strange to me. All in all, a disappointing buy. I really wanted to love it but just couldn't. I would probably wear this bra more if the band extended below the boobs more (thicker band elastic would probably help keep the bra down better), and if the back straps had more stretch. Wearing this just makes me tug at the bra band constantly. January 18, 2015
Not for me! I am a 36B/C and I do not consider myself to be large chested, so I thought this would be a great top since it was similar to one that I already own. I pulled off the tags, tried it on and it looked horrible. I threw a top over top of the sports bra and it still looked bad. I felt as thought I was cutting off circulation to that half of my body. The top of the bra had so much pressure that they looked like my breasts had been sausaged in. Even after throwing a top on, you could tell that the bra just fit all wrong on me. Now that I already cut the tags off of it, I can't return it. Not thrilled, but I learned my lesson for next time. January 16, 2015
my favourite bra I love this bra! I am a 34A and I have the size 4. It is perfect for all of my dance classes, and for when I hit the gym. With the lower neckline and strappy back it looks great under sheer tops, so I can wear it as my bra when I go out too. January 15, 2015
My Go-To Sports Bra! I absolutely love this bra! It is perfect for hot yoga and gym workouts. I'm a 34B and I wear a size 6. I don't have a big chest so it gets the job done well for me. However, the one bra that I've had for about a year and a half now has stretched out a little bit. It still works fine, I can just notice the difference. Maybe it's just due to my over usage of the bra. I will be buying many more of these in my future! January 15, 2015
Simple and cute Love this bra - super cute under a lot of my workout tops and comfortable. Great find considering I'm super picky with sports bras January 14, 2015
PERFECT I am a slim athletic soccer player and dancer. I purchased this wonderful bra around Christmas to wear while doing sports but I have found myself putting it on practically everyday since! I am nearly flatchested and love being so, so when I found out that the cups were removable I was very pleased. I purchase the bra in black so I could pair it under and with all different colors, although I would love to buy it in a printed pattern. I feel like the cut of the bra and fit is perfect for my athletic body type and the straps arnt too tight around my collar bones! One of the best things that I have bought from Lululemon Athletica! January 14, 2015
The best bra top EVER! I am so fussy about fit and also between sizes (4 or 8, skinny 34B or C normally) so I always find bra tops either too tight or too loose. What I like about this one is not only does it fit incredibly well, partly due to the great fabric and the design, but it is SO comfy. There is no digging in, no pinching, the straps aren't tight - it is very light feeling but also very supportive. It almost feels like you're not wearing it! I product tested it today on a spinning class, vinyasa yoga class and then a 5K run - all good and wicked moisture away very well. I would really like a white one now - I ordered the black size 6 and it's perfect. Hope it stays that size after washing. Will report back if it doesn't. January 13, 2015