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Soutien-gorge Libre d'être

Ce tissu technique frais et lisse vous va comme une seconde peau tout en offrant maintien et performance à irritation minimale, en plus d'évacuer la sueur et être extensible en quatre directions
Ce tissu léger et extensible évacue la sueur et vous retient tout en laissant circuler l'air - idéal pour toute activité qui vous fait suer
Trouver un soutien-gorge qui vous procure un maintien qui vous convient est important. Si vous n'aimez pas l'ajustement, retournez-le – on s'occupe du retour.

les raisons de sa création

Nous avons conçu ce soutien-gorge pour les adeptes de yoga chaud parmi nous qui ont une petite poitrine. Les tissus qui évacuent la sueur sont faits pour en prendre et l’encolure profonde à l'avant permet à notre peau de sécher rapidement. La conception dos ouvert est dotée de bretelles à boucles qui suivent nos torsions et nous permettent de nous concentrer sur notre posture.

tissus + caractéristiques

  • le tissu LuxtremeMD est frais et lisse et vous va comme une seconde peau tout en offrant maintien et performance à irritation minimale
  • le tissu LuxtremeMD évacue la sueur et est extensible en quatre directions
  • conserve bien sa forme grâce à l'ajout de fibres LYCRAMD qui bougent avec vous
  • le soutien-gorge doublé de maille légère évacue la sueur et sèche rapidement
  • conçu avec des pochettes intégrées pour les bonnets amovibles
  • importé

coupe + fonction

  • conçu pour : yoga
  • tissu(s) :
  • maintien : ce soutien-gorge est conçu pour procurer un maintien léger aux bonnets A et B
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un moment, s'il vous plaît
$42,00 CAD
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Free To Be Bra 4.2 5 859 863
not great This was a very disappointing purchase. It was my very first lulu bra and after trying it on in the store, and it being tight, but okay, the sales associate told me it was supposed to be tight, I bought it and immediately wore it to yoga. It was so tight once I started moving in it, I actually had trouble breathing. I was desperate for a sports bra so I kept it, hoping that it might stretch out a bit with wear. Instead, the second time I went to put it on, the seams on the bottom were already unraveling. It's a cute bra, but so not worth it. :( May 19, 2015
Free to bee bra - smaller fit This is my absolute favorite bra! I have always got size 4 in the past .Last time I ordered one it was really tight,so I had to exchange it for a size 6. I am about to order another one ,but am not sure what size to get. Do they still fit small or are they back to how they used to fit? May 18, 2015
Daily bra I love this bra I own it in multiple colors May 17, 2015
Great bra for yoga & daily wear I'm a 32c/34b and wear an 8 (6 in the energy bra). I initially got the 6 but when I went home and tried it on it was uncomfortably tight, so heads up there. I would definitely only use this bra for yoga or pilates, nothing too bouncy for sure! Which is what the bra is made for so no surprises there. I do love wearing it during the day too. This is a very flattering bra and I definitely plan on buying more! May 9, 2015
Great bra but fits small I loved this bra, everything about it the colours and the style and the fact that it doesnt go as high on my chest as other bras! However in the warning it says that its intended for A-B size cups, and it really is. I was somewhat disappointed when I got it and it covered that little of my cleavage, mind you I am a B cup. It works with some of my workout tops but I definitely cant wear it on its own. But it is a great quality bra and I would recommend it to any smaller chest girls!! May 5, 2015
Perfect for a small chest I am a 36B and this bra fit perfect for general working out. Any larger chests would probably not feel covered and I wouldn't recommend it. It is comfortable and it didn't rub into my back or shoulders as I worked out. I will definitely be purchasing more. May 4, 2015
I love it! This bra is so comfortable! Being an athlete, I am always looking for something comfortable to wear during long workouts and practices. I love the strap design in the back and there are so many different color combinations to match with every outfit. May 2, 2015
complete disappointment When I bought super cute bra, I was very excited to wear it. To my dismay, however,the bra is awful. Even after just a few wears, the straps in the back have stretched out, so the light support it has to begin with diminishes. Also, it chafes terribly and is incredibly uncomfortable. Now I am stuck with the bra (and another of similar fit). Such a disappointment... I would never recommend this bra to anyone. April 28, 2015
LOVE...but I love this bra so very much. It is extremely comfortable for every activity that I do (everyday, hot yoga, biking, running, paddleboard yoga) and versatile. It has held up for how often I use it however earlier today I noticed that the seam is beginning to un-seam. I'm not sure if this was a manufacturer defect but I love this sports bra to pieces! April 21, 2015
Terrible Fit, and Support! I ordered a 12 since 12 has been the perfect fit in all of lulu's other bras. I absolutely loved the pattern on it and was really excited about it. When I tried on the bra it felt fine so I didn't return it. Then, after wearing it throughout the day, I realized that the bra falls right down, has no support and makes by breasts look like they are hanging down really far. I am a dancer so I am jumping alot, and this bra had no support what so ever. Really disappointed. I love all the other bras but not this one!! April 18, 2015