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Soutien-Gorge Tout-Sport

Ce tissu technique frais et lisse vous va comme une seconde peau tout en offrant maintien et performance à irritation minimale, en plus d'évacuer la sueur et être extensible en quatre directions
Ce tissu léger et extensible évacue la sueur et vous retient tout en laissant circuler l'air - idéal pour toute activité qui vous fait suer

Trouver un soutien-gorge qui vous procure un maintien qui vous convient est important. Si vous n'aimez pas l'ajustement, retournez-le - on s'occupe du retour.

les raisons de sa création

Nous avons conçu ce soutien-gorge pour qu’il nous suive du yoga, du volleyball et de la pratique de soccer jusqu’au retour à la maison.  Les épaisses bretelles profilées offrent un soutien tandis que la conception croisée est invisible sous les camisoles dos nageur. Le tissu robuste tient nos copines bien en place pour nous permettre d’atteindre tous nos objectifs.

tissus + caractéristiques

  • le tissu LuxtremeMC à irritation minimale s’enfile comme une seconde peau et évacue la sueur
  • le soutien-gorge en maille est doté de poches pour les bonnets amovibles
  • les bordures des bretelles larges sont douces afin de ne pas s’incruster dans votre peau
  • les coutures plates aident à réduire l’irritation – aucune irritation de la peau délicate des aisselles
  • importé

coupe + fonction

  • conçu pour : yoga, course, gym
  • tissu(s) :
  • maintien : moyenne
  • couverture : moyenne
un moment, s'il vous plaît
un moment, s'il vous plaît
$52,00 CAD
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All Sport Bra 4.4 5 471 473
really love the feel of the fabric! I really love that the straps and the fabric don't irritate my skin and shoulders, I usually have this problem with other brands. The support is great for running, but also not too tight so it's also great for yoga and other activities. This bra is medium coverage, and for my part I think I need a bit more coverage for when it gets cold. But overall I really love my new bra! April 10, 2015
BEST BRA this is my favorite sports bra by far. Its runs a little small, I had to go a size up, but this bra is spectacular. It's comfy and very supportive. The straps dont rub or chafe at all and I wear it even when I'm not working out, although its perfect for either. GREAT PURCHASE. when i bought this originally it didn't come with pads, but when I contacted the company they just sent them to me and now its perfect! April 7, 2015
Chafe alert I own many (many many) lulu sports bras. This is the only one I DON'T like. It chafes like crazy against my skin, the only one I own that has ever done so. I notice it is also the only one I own where the elastic chest band is exposed, OUTSIDE of the fabric. Perhaps that is why it chafes? I dunno. That said, it does exactly what it is supposed to do - holds the girls in place well. Difficult to put on, which is a good thing. Nice, snug, functional fit. (I'm a 34B size 6 and this fits tts.) If you're not sensitive to chafing then knock yourself out, it's all good. However, I now zoom in on all lulu sports bra photos to see if the elastic chest band is covered. April 7, 2015
Great bra I have this bra in about 8 different colors but PLEASE make it in white! I check on-line and in the store waiting to find it in white and have had no luck. Please make this great bra in white. April 5, 2015
Back fat I like this bra, it is so comfy, but it gives me back fat. Tried sizing up, and it was way too loose around the band, and I still had back fat. Oh well.... March 25, 2015
too tight I normally wear a size 4/6 at lulu. I got this sports bra as a gift as I run and do high impact activities. I own other sports bras from lulu that I love as well and bought in a size 6. I got this one in a 6 and realized after I had it on and was working on that it was digging into my back and shoulders - feels like I have to peel it on and off. I measured it to my other sports bras and realized that it is way smaller than the other size 6s that I own. Unfortunately I realized it too late as I had already worked out in it. March 18, 2015
Not good for C+ cups This bra is a fantastic idea: the straps on the back are cute and can easily hide under racerback style shirts. However, as a 32D the 4 doesn't have enough "height" (length from top to bottom of bra) to be able to fit my boobs in. The size 6 has the right coverage but is too loose in the band thus defeating the purpose of getting a sports bra. Adding more height to the bras would allow MORE people to be able to wear this bra... March 17, 2015
NOSTALGIC BRA This bra will bring you back to the days when you could run around doing all sorts of activities and not once thinking about the fact that you have female anatomy. I am not one to ever write reviews, but this bra really deserves one. The fabric is top of the line, smooth. No chafing. I bought two and found them to fit just right. I am a 32-D at vs and the size 4 is good for HIIT while the 6 is great for yoga and more light workouts. These bras are so comfortable you will forget to take them off.. BUY ONE RIGHT NOW. Thanks Lulu I'm sooo impressed with this product!! March 13, 2015
Comfort and Function I realized I had to upgrade to better sports bras when I became a personal trainer. I'm lucky to get a quick workout in between clients on most days. With this bra, I can wear it all day from working with clients to working out in between, and not feel my girls being compromised during any part. I also love the open back. It lets me feel like I'm not so closed off if I can't take a shower right after I get my own workout in. Out of all the other sports bras I've tried, this is definitely the most supportive, comfortable, and functional one that I've bought...even from Lululemon! March 11, 2015
Just what I wanted I am beyond thrilled with the All Sports Bra. It is perfect for running and for the gym. I normally wear a 6-8 in Lulu tops, but I ordered a 4 in this one (I don't have much on top). It fits perfectly. Great compression and is so comfortable. I just ordered a second in another color. March 8, 2015