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Soutien-Gorge Tout-Sport

tissu frais sur la peau et extensible en quatre directions qui évacue la sueur et qui s'enfile comme une seconde peau. Ce tissu technique procure soutien et une performance sans friction
ce tissu léger et extensible évacue la sueur et vous retient tout en laissant circuler l'air - idéal pour toute activité physique
Trouver un soutien-gorge qui vous procure un maintien qui vous convient est important. Si vous n'aimez pas l'ajustement, retournez-le - on s'occupe du retour.

les raisons de sa création

Nous avons conçu ce soutien-gorge pour qu’il nous suive du yoga, du volleyball et de la pratique de soccer jusqu’au retour à la maison.  Les épaisses bretelles profilées offrent un soutien tandis que la conception croisée est invisible sous les camisoles dos nageur. Le tissu robuste tient nos copines bien en place pour nous permettre d’atteindre tous nos objectifs.

tissus + caractéristiques

  • le tissu LuxtremeMC à irritation minimale s’enfile comme une seconde peau et évacue la sueur
  • le soutien-gorge en maille est doté de poches pour les bonnets amovibles
  • les bordures des bretelles larges sont douces afin de ne pas s’incruster dans votre peau
  • les coutures plates aident à réduire l’irritation – aucune irritation de la peau délicate des aisselles
  • importé

coupe + fonction

  • conçu pour : yoga, course, gym
  • tissu(s) :
  • soutien : moyen
  • couverture : moyenne
52,00 $ CAN
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All Sport Bra 4.5 5 392 394
Too snug I like the style and it gives great support yet it is too tight and uncomfortable. The bra is difficult to put on and take off. August 31, 2014
My favorite lulu bra. I've bought quite a few bras from lulu and this is my favorite by far. I wear this bra running and find it super supportive and very comfortable. I also wear it to work sometimes under a blouse. I typically wear 34C and a size 6 (my usual) was perfect for me. August 28, 2014
Disapointing! I was so excited to receive this bra, but really upset about the horrible fit. Lululemon really needs to make bras for all sizes and having larger breasts are not supported in this bra. I am a 34D and have yet to find a bra that works for me on this site. August 24, 2014
material change i have one of these from over 8 months ago and i just received a new one in the mail. It does have the same great fit that is perfect for anything but the material isn't as high quality. It is more itchy, less soft and digs in to your shoulders a little more. Still a great bra but im upset that the quality has gone down August 22, 2014
D-E? Solid Choice For Indoor Cycle or Weights I am a curvy 36D. I have comfortably worn the All Sport Bra for both Indoor Cycle classes and weight workouts. The girls are covered with only a slight hint of cleavage showing, which I appreciate. I don't care to have my cleavage showing at the gym AT ALL. This is a true 'medium' support bra and is NOT enough support for any bouncing, but is a VERY solid choice for non-bouncing workouts, particularly with a higher neck line tank on top. The wide straps are very very comfortable, much more comfortable than my lulu Tata tamer (in fairness, I have the first tata tamer and have never tried the updated design). Hope this review is helpful to larger breasted gals! August 21, 2014
This should be call the BEST SPORT BRA! I don't know why it has taken me this long to comment on this product but I finally realized I should add to all of the positive reviews. For as long as I can remember it has been impossible for me to find a sports bra that holds everything in place, is comfortable, and is wearable even when I'm not working out. I wear a 36 DD bra, which means wearing a regular bra all the time is not very comfortable or ideal. I'm also a nurse and prefer wearing something I know will be suitable for long days and running around. This bra is perfect. It's comfortable, holds my girls in place, and still looks flattering under clothes. This bra works for my work days and my lazy days and I couldn't be more thankful for that! My only problem with this bra is the new white band along the bottom of the bra. When I first began getting this bra there was a flesh colored band that was more comfortable during long days. The white band is not as comfortable compared to the original band! Bring the original flesh colored band back lulu! Regardless this is still the BEST sports bra you will find anywhere! August 19, 2014
FINALLY a bra that supports and fits! I have many of the All Sport bras, from when they were first introduced and just received the "sheer yellow" one today. This is the best supportive bra I have ever worn- I weight lift, do P90x, and cardio almost daily and actually wear these more than regular bras. I wear sz 6 in this style-I'm 34D to DD and petite, but muscular. I love that the bra holds me in well, yet is flexible, unlike the TATA Tamers which I also own. *PLS DO NOT CHANGE THE CUT OR MATERIAL OF THE ALL SPORT BRA* Lululemon you hit this one on the nail :). Please bring out more bright colours and do not discontinue !!! BEST SPORTS BRA OUT THERE thank you!!!! August 15, 2014
My trusty go-to bra This is by far the best sports bra that I have ever worn! I'm a 32D and use this bra (size 6) for spinning, TRX bootcamps and plyometrics-heavy workouts (box jumps, burpees, etc). I also run occasionally, so I needed a bra that would keep the girls in place, but also be comfortable. Before, I had to wear two bras (one underwire, one sports bra) to feel supported enough, but I felt like a soggy mess after every workout. The All Sport gives me the same supportive feeling and shape, but keeps me cool. The bra is slightly compressive, and I like that. I don't get the uni-boob look, but a nice shape with lulu cup inserts and a quick peek of cleavage (unavoidable with D cups). The thick, cross back straps are pretty genius here - no digging into my neck, just enough room to move and minimal back fat action! I've tried other lulu tops and bras with similar cross back designs, but they don't work as well as this bra! I wear it all the time under CRBs, swiftly tanks/tees, 105 singlets, etc. The only thing I would change is to incorporate silverescent fabric into this bra. My 2 yr old All Sport now starts to have whisper of stink a little after a long, sweaty workout (maybe it's me?). On a side note, I'm a bit bummed that this bra is available online only, but I would give up in-store convenience just to make sure lulu never stops making it! Also, it would make my day if lulu could make this bra into a top like the No Limits or Practice Freely... just saying! August 8, 2014
Excellent Product! I am a TaTaTamer enthusiast but honestly, the TaTaTamer II is just not as good as the original. I ordered this to try an alternate and I am hooked! This bra is SO comfortable and it's actually supportive. I even went for a quick run in my neighbourhood this morning to see how it stood up and I just logged on to order a couple more before they are gone for good. This bra feels like the Lulu of days gone by: stylish, does what it intends to do, flatters the body and is well-made. Keep it up! August 8, 2014
Most Comfortable Many many years ago when Lulu was just emerging on the scene I purchased a bra on the sale rack and fell in love with how it fit and felt while running. I never saw this bra again and it has always been my favourite go to bra (it has held up wonderfully). When browsing online I noticed this All Sports Bra and although it has thicker straps than my trusty bra at home, I think this is the new version. I bought one and was marvelously surprised to find that it is just as comfortable. I ran wearing it, without washing first, 20KM on the weekend, in hot, humid weather, and I did not have any chafing, rubbing or readjusting (I hate when bras slip down in the front!). In fact, it felt like a second skin and I barely even noticed it was there (except for the fact that it was keeping everyting in place). Now that I have rediscovered my favourite bra I wish it came in more colours and sizes! Stock is exceptionally low in this bra and I think that the store needs to be refilled! August 5, 2014
lululemon NA - modèle Build Release : OMS-PH1B.20140724.09:37 AM