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Manteau Bel asana

le tissu LuonMC est extensible en quatre directions, évacue la sueur, laisse circuler l'air et est doux comme du coton. Nous adorons ce tissu haute performance pour son extensibilité et sa rétention incomparables

les raisons de sa création

Ce manteau a été spécialement conçu pour nous accompagner au studio. Sa coupe allongée et ajustée fait de ce manteau un essentiel facile à superposer qui nous couvre et nous garde au frais et bien confos en route vers le studio.

tissus + caractéristiques

  • le tissu LuonMC doux comme du coton est conçu pour s'étirer tout en conservant sa forme
  • le tissu Luon évacue la sueur, il est extensible en quatre directions et il laisse circuler l’air
  • les poches à fermeture éclair gardent votre téléphone, vos clés et votre argent en toute sécurité
  • les trous pour les pouces gardent vos manches en place et facilitent la superposition d’autres vêtements
  • stationnez cette fermeture éclair dans le garage à fermeture éclair avant qu’elle n’égratigne votre menton
  • importé

coupe + fonction

  • conçu pour : yoga, aller-retour
  • tissu(s) : 
  • coupe :  ajustée
  • longueur : long
118,00 $ CAN
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Nice Asana Jacket 3.8 5 102 102
The sale petit fleur is made out of denim luon Double zipper, denim cottony feel and texture, sale price- doesn't get any better than that! April 14, 2014
great fit, cheap material I bought the petite fleur whatever else the pattern/colour is on wmtm. Seemed like a great deal until i opened the package and the material feels unbelievably cheap. I've worn and washed it once and the threads are coming undone all over, it is an amazing fit and super flattering, but don't chince out on the fabric lulu April 14, 2014
Love the length! This jacket is nice and long so you can wear it with leggings and not worry about your bum hanging out! I sized up to a 6 so I could wear it with a tank underneath so it fits well that way, but is a bit big by itself. I'll probably buy another in a size 4 in the future (when I'm ready to spend $120 on a jacet again!). The blue with baroque stripe is stunning! April 14, 2014
Long and soft! I'm 5'3 113 lbs. I wear size 2/4. I got a size 4 in the bleached coral mainly because they didn't have it in the size 2 at my store. It was $79 on sale. I am more of a forme jacket girl. i have multiple different jackets from lululemon and this is my first nice asana jacket. It's different from all of them in that it's long. I love the length of it. It covers my bum and comes up to my upper thigh. it's the longest lululemon jacket that i own. It's very comfortable. I usually like my jackets and tops form fitting but I do like the bagginess of this jacket because it gives it a loungy feeling. Even the size 2 was a bit baggy in the waist and chest (34B). Overall a good to-and-from everyday jacket. It's warm. The only con is that the arms are too long for me but that's because I have short arms! Would recommend! April 13, 2014
Nice, but miss the Stride and In Stride Jackets I have 4 of these jackets, and they work well. The zipper is not my favorite, and I have to say the Stride Jackets and In Stride are my favorite! If you are looking for something similar, then this is it. I do feel like the Stride jackets fit more flattering. Please bring back the Stride jackets! April 10, 2014
Great for tall women I am 5'9, 135 lbs and a size 4 in this fits me perfectly. I love the length, and the sleeves are also nice and long. I find that it is both tight and forgiving in the right places. I find that some lulu jackets fit me in the body but are tight across my "crossfit shoulders", but not this one. I would warn shorter women against it though, the sleeve length will definitely be an issue if you are petite. I bought the Very Light Flare and the colour is stunning, much more fluorescent than it looks on the website. April 3, 2014
Nice jacket is nice! I'm about 5'7 1/2, 150 lbs. I bought a size 10 Nice Asana jacket, and size 8 in the Studio pant. Together I find this outfit slimming. I'd never worn LuluLemon before but was sick and tired of looking frumpy in casual clothes so I treated my self to a pair of studio pants and Nice Asana jacket in black. I totally felt pulled together yet comfortable. I liked them so much I ordered other colors online, one, the Nice Asana jacket in light grey with the neon zipper. I couldn't find this is stores and the sizes are running out so if you like it I recommend getting it sooner than later. I like it the best. Very fun and cute with jeans, though why I would wear jeans anymore is beyond me. The zipper isn't the same as on the other Nice jacket, but is a heavier plastic, which I think adorable and sporty. March 29, 2014
Somewhat disappointed I bought the Nice Asana Jacket in Bali Breeze hoping that it would be comparable to the Stride Jacket. Unfortunately, I'm somewhat disappointed. I still love the length, collar and thumb holes (I'm 5'7", 120 pounds and a B cup) but the fit is a bit baggy throughout the body and chest areas. I ordered my usual size 4 and would have ordered it in a 2 if I had been able to try it on beforehand. The zipper also looks cheap, we'll see how well it holds up. I will not be repurchasing this item. Hopefully the InStride and Stride jackets reappear. March 26, 2014
Expensive but worth it I'm obsessed with this jacket. I have it in black and only wish it were more affordable and available in some more darker colors. At 5'4" with a long body, I have trouble finding tops that are long enough and the length of this is perfect. March 26, 2014
Poor Quality I feel Lululemon now changes the name of jackets just to downgrade the quality. This jacket is see through, the zippers are cheap, the fabric is scratchy and the fit is awful. My normal size is a 6, but this jacket was so long in the arms and unflattering in the body I went for a 4. After taking 2 of these home and comparing it to my old Still Jackets I decided to take them both back because for $118 each this jacket should be made better. I have been a true lululemon supporter since their first store in Oakville, ON Canada and it breaks my heart to see how much the quality of clothes has declined since then. I have clothes I bought eight years ago that have no issues, but the pair of wounder under pants I bought last week has seams coming undone after 2 wears. March 25, 2014
Lululemon NA - modèle Build Release : REL3-4.20140228.03:10 PM