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Manteau Bel asana

le tissu LuonMC est extensible en quatre directions, évacue la sueur, laisse circuler l'air et est doux comme du coton. Nous adorons ce tissu haute performance pour son extensibilité et sa rétention incomparables

les raisons de sa création

Ce manteau a été spécialement conçu pour nous accompagner au studio. Sa coupe allongée et ajustée fait de ce manteau un essentiel facile à superposer qui nous couvre et nous garde au frais et bien confos en route vers le studio.

tissus + caractéristiques

  • le tissu LuonMC doux comme du coton est conçu pour s'étirer tout en conservant sa forme
  • le tissu Luon évacue la sueur, est extensible en quatre directions et il laisse circuler l’air
  • les poches à fermeture éclair gardent votre téléphone, vos clés et votre argent en toute sécurité
  • les trous pour les pouces gardent vos manches en place et facilitent la superposition d’autres vêtements
  • stationnez cette fermeture éclair dans le garage à fermeture éclair avant qu’elle n’égratigne votre menton
  • importé

coupe + fonction

  • conçu pour : yoga, aller-retour
  • tissu(s) :
  • coupe : ajustée
  • longueur : longue
118,00 $ CAN
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Nice Asana Jacket 3.8 5 155 155
Just. Perfect. Have two of these jackets and love them both. I'm 6' and these are long enough for my torso. Bought it in my usual size 6 and it is TTS, arms are plenty long as well. July 20, 2014
Disappointing Service I saw this jacket on a friend of mine and immediately fell in love. Right after, I ordered this jacket for myself. I was in school when it arrived at my home address so I was super anxious to finally get it. When I got back from school and tried it on, it was too small. Typically I wear a size 2, but this one was just too tight on me. I was a few days over the 14 day return policy, but I had only ever heard good things about lululemon's customer service so I wasn't too worried. When I called their customer service they told me that since I was past the 14 day delivery date, they couldn't do anything. I told them that I couldn't return it earlier because I was at school and that the tags were still on and it was unworn, still, they did not budge. The lady I spoke to said that they couldn't take it back because all their product had to be current (mind you, the jacket is still available in stores and on the website). Although I think its a great jacket, I don't think its worth it to order online. Save yourself the time and annoyance of dealing with customer support for online purchases. July 17, 2014
Poor quality I purchased this jacket last christmas in store, it was on for $80 I believe. I Loved it as soon as I tried it in store, then I got it home. I've wore the jacket once to the gym and noticed piling and seams coming undone on the cuffs. Very unimpressed and sad that I spent my hard earned money on a jacket they told me I couldn't return. Since then I've only worn it 3 times (in the 8 months I've had it) I didn't spend $80 to be scared to wear a jacket due to fear of wrecking it... this isn't the first time I've had an issue with lululemon, I purchased a top on boxing day for $39.00 only to see a week later the top was on for $19.00 and they told me they don't do price adjustments.. I waited in line on boxing day for 2 hours and then a week later the same clothing is cheaper and no line up? what a joke. Sorry but I will not recommend lululemon to anyone! July 11, 2014
Great Pilling Problem - Very Disappointed I bought this jacket 2 months ago and have worn it for only 2 times - to a movie and to have a walk. I found that there are pilling problems at the armpits and iin different areas. I haven't even washed it yet. I can't imagine what will happen after I wash it. It is VERY disappointing that the fabric quality is so poor. And the jacket is not cheap. My other much cheaper jackets last a few years with frequent usage and washing - without pilling and losing shape. Although you said you stand by your products. But without wearing it (removing the tag), you won't know how poor the quality is. Once you found out, it is too late and you cannot return. It really sucks. I highly suggest anyone who wants to buy this jacket, think it twice. July 8, 2014
Great jacket I bought this on sale. I am 5'7 and weigh 135, somewhat athletic with broad shoulders but smaller in the front. A 6 would have been perfect but they only had an8. It is very nice and does not look big or baggy, just not super fitted. The arms are very long, not sure if it woudl fit a petite size. I think it looks excellent, not cheaply made as others have said. July 5, 2014
Awesome I own 4 of these jackets and I love them! What I like the most about it is the length (for reference I'm 5'4) ! I love the fit and it is true to size. The material is also great, I have not experience pilling (so far) and I have washed my jacket many times. I also bought one forme jacket which is also great but I find it too short and would not buy again because of the length. Please keep this jacket and bring more colours. July 5, 2014
Great in WMTM I purchased my first Nice Asana jacket last December, and the second last week, both from WMTM (the first in-store, this latest one online). For reference, I'm normally a size four at LLL (5'1", 110-115 pounds), but ordered a 2 in this jacket and it fits well but is a bit tighter. Pros: Comfortable. LOVE the long length, perfect for leggings or taller ladies. Fit is flattering. I also love the zip-up pockets and thumbholes. Cons: Pilling: my jacket purchased in December has been pilling for a couple months now. Description error: the jacket I ordered was not as described. The description online shows a black, double-zipper. The item I received has a silver single zipper. Super bizarre. Even though I purchased this in WMTM, LLL said I could return it when I emailed them about the zipper, so that was a nice gesture. I elected to keep it because it's the only black Asana jacket available, but I was still disappointed. Conclusion: I probably wouldn't pay full price for this jacket, but it's a great deal in WMTM and an overall great jacket. July 4, 2014
CHeaply made One of 2 hoodies I bought. Better than the scuba ..Jacket is ok but not worth the $$. Threads are already coming loose around the sleeves and the length is great, but it RIDES up. WOuldn't buy this again. June 27, 2014
Great jacket, but... I love the look and fit of the Nice Asana jacket. Although I am short (5' 3", 103 lbs.), the jacket is not too long and fits TTS (I am long-waisted and bought size 2). That's the "great" part, now for the "but" part. I've only worn the jacket a handful of times and it's started to pill and look worn on both sides (below the pockets). This makes no sense to me, both because I would expect that the fabric would not be pilling after only a few uses, but also because there was nothing that could have been rubbing against that part of the jacket. I have purchased many Lulu items and this is the first time I've had this problem. I would definitely think twice before purchasing this item from WMTM since you can't return it. June 16, 2014
Perfect Jacket! I had been waiting to buy this jacket for awhile--looked at it numerous times, but due to mixed customer reviews, I held off for awhile, and then it disappeared. So when the Nice Asana Jacket came up on "we made too much", I instantly purchased it. And guess what? I LOVE IT! I prefer my tops to be on the longer side, and the length of this jacket is perfect. It hits just below the hips. I am 5'6 and the length was just what I have been looking for. It is true to size as well-I do not recommend going up or down a size, unless you want it a little bigger to fit long-sleeve layers underneath. I wear mine with my one of my Cool Racerback tanks, and I love the combination. It is not a 'warm jacket', but that is not what I was looking for. It is great for spring and summer walks/jogs outside, running errands, and for my warm-up at the gym. I hope Lululemon keeps this jacket as a regular item, as I will definitely purchase more if more colors come out again. Highly recommend! Oh, and I have worn/washed this numerous times with my normal laundry (except I do not put it in the dryer), and no problems with pilling or tears or size change. June 14, 2014
lululemon NA - modèle Build Release : OMS-PH1B.20140717.09:50 AM