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Course : Short Vitesse *extensible en 2 directions

Un tissu léger extensible en quatre directions, qui évacue la sueur et nous tient au frais et confortable dans nos entraînements les plus intenses
Robuste et léger, ce tissu est tissé de manière à résister au plus rigoureux des traitements. Nous l'adorons pour sa performance efficace sans volume, ni prétention

les raisons de sa création

Nous avons créé ce short pour nous aider à demeurer confortables et bien au frais autant à l'entraînement que lors de la grande course. Le cordon infini à la ceinture s'ajuste en pleine foulée pour nous permettre de laisser notre record personnel loin derrière. Allez-y fort!

tissus + caractéristiques

  • le tissu Swift est léger, il évacue la sueur et est extensible en deux directions
  • rangez vos clés et vos cartes dans la poche arrière à fermeture éclair et mettez vos gels dans les deux poches à la ceinture
  • la large ceinture en tissu Light LuxtremeMD repose à plat sous votre haut et elle conserve bien sa forme grâce aux fibres LYCRAMD
  • importé

coupe + fonction

  • conçu pour : course
  • tissu(s) :
    Light LuxtremeMD
  • taille : basse
  • entrejambe : 2 po 1/2
  • doublure : oui
  • tour de jambe : 26 po 3/8
un moment, s'il vous plaît
un moment, s'il vous plaît
$54,00 CAD
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Run: Speed Short *2-way Stretch 4.3 5 1058 1062
Add More 2-way I accidentally bought these not realizing the 2-way stretch was much different than the 4-way. I was skeptical at first, but after multiple wears, this is my favorite fabric. It's not as soft, but it's so much more durable. It doesn't stick to your skin in hot humid weather, so despite the stiffer material, I don't have a chafing problem with these. Most of my shorts are 4-way, but that's only b/c there aren't many 2-way shorts to choose from. Please add more 2-way stretch speed shorts! May 11, 2015
BEST. SHORTS. EVER. These are just the right length and they don't ride up thanks to the liner. Super cute and great for running! Lots of pockets for keys/money/whatever. Please BRING BACK the 2-way stretch!! I don't know why they seem to be disappearing, but they're much more flattering than the 4-way stretch and also wash better. April 14, 2015
Like wearing nothing at all I purchased the 2-way shorts a while ago in a 4 but they don't seem to fit as nicely as this 4way stretch shorts. I had no trouble squatting in them. They do not ride up. March 24, 2015
Can't get enough of these shorts! Just bought another pair of these shorts in 'star crushed black cherry'. Third pair that i have bought! Very versatile short. Wear them for both cardio and weights training. Inner lining and 4 way stretch means they can handle squats, even in a wide stance. Flattering length and shape. Will no doubt be more buying in the future! Highly recommend. Love these shorts. If only they had a medium/high waist on them rather than low, they would be PERFECT. March 21, 2015
LOVE! Love these shorts I own them in multiple colors and they are great for running, hiking and any cardio. I'm 5'1 and they are the perfect length. March 3, 2015
The best shorts you will ever own. In love with these shorts. They look great and I've been able to wear them for various activities like the gym, hiking, hot yoga, cycling, gymnastics, and cheerleading. Their versatility and high quality material makes these my all time favourite shorts. December 28, 2014
INCONSISTANT SIZING!!! I have owned so many speed shorts before, and the sparkle swift black gunmetal/black is by far my favorite pattern LL has released. However, HORRIBLE FIT!!! I have so many speeds (2-way & 4-way) and they are ALL size 6. Why would they just randomly change the way they fit/the sizing is? I even ordered a size 8 to see if maybe I just need an eight. No, they were HUGE. The waist band was not tight around my hips and I had a huge gap when I did squats. The fit around the bum area has gotten WAYYYY more tight and it seems as though the leg openings are NOT the same. I hope LL can fix this and truly considers these issues, because the CrossFit market is HUGE and everyone I've talked to agrees with me. The fit just isn't as good as before. For basically $60 shorts...lets get the fit right please!!! & lets consider us girls who like to squat heavy weight. ***I DO NOT RECOMMEND THESE SHORTS ANYMORE*** Please fix the fit!!! December 9, 2014
Great but improvements could be made These shorts are fantastic. They are comfortable and dry quickly. I wear these to do Crossfit in and also casually. To make great shorts even better, block colours would be good - instead of just patterns each season. Also sewing the openings around the back of the short would be good, for those people who prefer to wear the shorts a little larger. November 17, 2014
Best eva running short Fantastic running short! I raced Melbourne Marathon once again in my favourite speed short! They are ultra comfortable, short enough to not be felt at all, light weight, breathe well and have a rear pocket for my gels and spare key! I did another great time and I'm sure the shorts helped - one less thing to stress about knowing I'll be uber-comfortable and chafing free. November 13, 2014
Great fit These shorts fit so nicely.. They don't ride up, and they fit around the waist while not too tight on my booty. I have a black pair that I absolutely love and a plaid pair that seem a little more stiff in the fabric. I personally like shopping in store so I can see/feel/try on before purchasing. November 12, 2014