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Course : Short Vitesse *extensible en 2 directions

un tissu léger extensible en quatre directions, qui évacue la sueur et nous tient au frais et confortable dans nos entraînements les plus intenses
robuste et léger, le tissu Swift est tissé de manière à résister au plus rigoureux des traitements. Nous adorons ce tissu technique pour sa performance efficace sans volume, ni prétention

les raisons de sa création

Nous avons créé ce short pour nous aider à demeurer confortables et bien au frais autant à l'entraînement que lors de la course. La douce ceinture en tissu Light LuxtremeMD est munie d’un cordon infini facile à resserrer en pleine foulée pour ainsi mieux se concentrer sur notre temps. Andalé!

tissus + caractéristiques

  • le tissu Swift est léger, il évacue la sueur et est extensible en deux directions
  • les aérations arrière assurent une bonne circulation de l'air et les fentes aux cuisses offrent une grande liberté de mouvement
  • cordon infini pour un ajustement personnalisé
  • rangez vos clés et vos cartes dans la poche arrière à fermeture éclair et mettez vos gels dans les deux poches à la ceinture
  • coutures plates antifrottement conçues pour éliminer l'irritation de la peau humide et sensible
  • la large ceinture plate en tissu Light Luxtreme ne s’incrustera pas dans votre peau
  • importé

coupe + fonction

  • conçu pour : course
  • tissu(s) :
    Light LuxtremeMD
  • taille : léger
  • entrejambe : 2 po 1/2
  • doublure : oui
  • tour de jambe : 26 po 3/8
un moment, s'il vous plaît
un moment, s'il vous plaît
54,00 $ CAN
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Run: Speed Short *2-way Stretch 4.3 5 1038 1042
Not what I had expected I ordered this online as soon as it came out. When these shorts was first listed, it stated it was a "4 way stretch" however, when I received it in the mail, I looked at it and immediately could tell it wasn't a "4 way stretch". The material felt stiffer. I ordered two sizes - a size 4 and 6. I returned the size 4 to my local Lululemon store and the sales associate kept inspecting the shorts and for some reason (which I did not even notice), there was some black ink mark. She looked at me accusingly and talked with another associate before accepting my return. I had literally received the shorts the evening before when I returned it. Why would I intentionally make pen marks on something I am returning? I already felt mistreated by returning the shorts. But I am very disappointed as this product was initially labeled as a "4 way stretch". Lululemon STORE associates need to learn how not to be judgmental when returning products. September 16, 2014
Now they are 2way Last week these were listed under 4 way, I purchased them online, only to find out that they are 2 way when they arrived. Ther is a huge difference between 2 way and 4 way. It's very disappointing to order a product by you and find out that you labeled it incorrectly. And that it happens quite often. September 14, 2014
Faster I love these shorts. Not only are they colorful, they can brighten up my black tanks. They also are comfy when I run in them. They are so cute. I am a runner that runs more than 5 miles at a time and have never had any issues with chaffing especially in hot humid conditions. These shorts stay where they are supposed to. September 13, 2014
Extremely Disappointing I own five pairs of run speed short (4 way stretch) in size 6 and have had no problems with them. I've always been a size 6 with lululemon bottoms. I recently purchased a pair of size 6 (2 way stretch) run speed short that was on sale and I'm extremely disappointed in the difference in sizing. The 2 way stretch run speed shorts are at least a size bigger than the 4 way stretch and I have no way of wearing these even with the draw string. They keep falling off when I work out, which makes it very uncomfortable to wear. I feel that customers should be told to go a size down before they make the purchase, especially if it is a final sale item. I agree with all the reviews below. I have just wasted $50 in a pair of shorts I will not be able to wear anymore. I've also tried to reach someone at lululemon via the live chat but had no luck. September 10, 2014
Disappointed.... I have several pairs of speed shorts.. more of the 4 way stretch than the 2 way. I am always an 8 in the lulu speeds. I ordered 2 pairs of these shorts and I loved the print.. the fit.. well not so much. I even spoke with the rep at the store and she suggested that with the 2 way stretch that I size up.. so glad I didn't. I bought these from the lulu site and they are HUGE! I wore a pair yesterday and had to keep pulling them up because they were falling down.. the string did nothing. I am very upset that I even wasted my money. Please be more consistent with your sizing. September 5, 2014
dear lulu size really does matter I love lulu and usually love these shorts, so much so that I bought all three pairs available on we made to much. The problem is the sizing is so inconsistent. I always wear size 8 in lulu shorts and two of the pairs fit beautifully (like size 8), the other pair however is ridiculously small maybe like a 6 or 4 even. It is a little ridiculous to have this big of a size difference. I almost think the short was marked with an incorrect size. What's frustrating is of course it's final sale. I love lulu and I love a lulu deal even more but please get more consistent sizing or what was suppose to be a lulu win becomes a lulu loss. At my cross fit box we were discussing the inconsistency in this short in particular and it turns out I am not the only one that has had this kind of discrepancy. Everything else about this short is awesome but I would be wary of purchasing again on final sale with this style August 28, 2014
Flattering, modest and light 160cm, 54kg, AU10/US6, hip 37.5 inches Size 6 fits comfortably, not too tight or too loose, most flattering, light, short yet modest. I hit the gym at least 5 days a week and these are perfect for weight training. Squat away! Best shorts ever!! August 26, 2014
Poorly made I have two pairs of four way speed shorts that I love! Saw the cute wee wheezy check pattern on WMTM in the two way cut and ordered right away in my usual size 6. Just got them today and I am very disappointed in the workmanship. The sides are sewn unevenly so that the right side flares out at my thigh and the left side bunches up. When I compare the two sides, the right side pieces line up and the left side pieces are sewn such that one piece is bunched up over the other. I know WMTM policy is no returns but for faulty workmanship I think I should be able to return these and plan to do so. August 24, 2014
Great fit and functional! I got the purple pair and love them. They fit well and I can wear them to the gym and out for casual wear. The two way stretch can be a little stiff but they aren't bad. Overall, good buy August 20, 2014
Decent but not as good as the old style I absolutely love the length of the speed shorts. To me, the 2.5 inch inseam is MUCH more comfortable and flattering than the 2 inch inseam that comes on the hotly hot shorts. I WISH lulu would make another pair of shorts similar to the speed shorts run roll down shorts with a thicker material and actual draw string similar to the pair they made about a year or so ago. These shorts did not fit me well in the booty but were too big and buckled on my waist and the drawstring isn't very useful. I'm not in love with these and have huge buyer's remorse. I hope lulu starts to circulate some of the older styles again otherwise I might have to shop around. August 18, 2014
lululemon NA - modèle Build Release : REL-14.2.20140913.02:24 PM