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Course : Short Vitesse *extensible en 2 directions

un tissu léger extensible en quatre directions, qui évacue la sueur et nous tient au frais et confortable dans nos entraînements les plus intenses
robuste et léger, le tissu swift est tissé de manière à résister au plus rigoureux des traitements. Nous adorons ce tissu technique pour sa performance efficace sans volume, ni prétention

les raisons de sa création

Nous avons créé ce short pour nous aider à demeurer confortables et bien au frais autant à l'entraînement que lors de la course. Le tissu swift évacue la sueur, et la ceinture douce en tissu Light LuxtremeMC est doté d’un cordon qui nous permet de personnaliser l'ajustement pour que nous puissions battre nos records en tout confort. Andalé!

tissus + caractéristiques

  • le tissu swift extensible en deux directions est léger et évacue la sueur
  • la ceinture large et plate en tissu Luxtreme ne s'inscrustera pas dans votre peau
  • les aérations au dos assurent une bonne respiration et les fentes sur les jambes offrent une grande liberté de mouvement
  • cordon infini pour un ajustement en un clin d'œil
  • rangez vos clés et vos cartes dans la poche à fermeture éclair à l'arrière de la ceinture
  • la doublure aide à vous couvrir et aide votre short à rester en place
  • coutures plates antifrottement conçues pour éliminer l'irritation de la peau humide et sensible
  • importé

coupe + fonction

  • conçu pour : course
  • tissu(s) : 
    Light LuxtremeMC
  • coupe :  ajustée
  • taille : minimale
  • entrejambe : 21/2 po
  • doublure : oui
  • tour de jambe : 263/8 po
  • ourlet : non
54,00 $ CAN
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Run: Speed Short *2-way Stretch 4.4 5 1002 1006
AWESOME in Rad Plaids - Light Flare & Ambient Grey Got these in both Rad Plaids offered in Spring 2014. Love both. Fabric is great - not see through at all, like the solid color antidote is this year. Can't wait to wear the Ambient Grey Speeds with my Free to Be Wild in Antidote/Tonka Stripe + my black Here To There Tank! Thanks, LLL! April 1, 2014
Sizing Does anyone else wear a different size in the 4 way vs 2 way stretch? I feel like a size 4 is too tight in the 2 way stretch but a size 4 in the 4 way stretch seems to fit fine. March 25, 2014
Ask for advice with sizing! I was so excited to get my first pair of lululemon bottoms and was even more excited when I found the speed shorts in such a beautiful pattern. However after I ran in them a couple times I realized that I had bought the wrong size. I'm usually a 4 in most pants and shorts at other stores, and the 4's seemed to fit in store, but I realize now that I should have bought size 6. They ride up a lot and are too tight around my hips and butt. Make sure to ask for in-store sizing advice when buying these! What's worse is I bought them final sale so I can't try to exchange them for a different size. :( March 19, 2014
Stitching on reflective plaid - NO Good The reflective stitching on the shorts is made from a very rough material and left scratch marks all over my legs - I had to roll the cuffs to finish my WOD. I normally love the shorts - the design and fit are amazing. March 18, 2014
Best Running Shorts! I love these shorts and was soooo happy i got them in the green CAMO!!! They are so light and also very comfortable. Living in Texas is not easy in the summer so light and thin shorts are perfect for the Texas heat. Recommend to and runner. Also great to wear out to the beach or just outside in general. March 18, 2014
Zing Pink I had been waiting for a new color to come out. I have been buying these shorts for the last year or so, so I have a few:) Bought the Zing Pink online and when I put them on today (yes!! we actually had some heat here in Kansas) was sooooo UPSET that they have a BLACK PANTY AND YOU CAN SEE IT!!!!!!?.. Almost tempted to cut it out but don't want to ruin them?so sad NOT one of my favorite pair March 11, 2014
best running shorts evaaaa Love love LOVE these shorts. Cool, comfortable, stylish and fun!! Fit is perfect. I only have two of them the pink/ white and the green paisley. I want to buy more and will continue to check back until my size is available. March 6, 2014
I'm a believer! I haven't ordered any shorts from Lulu for a while, as i was 'Turbo Short' girl and they haven't made them in a while. I was a little scared the Speed's might be too short, but bought the Chevron Dot as my first pair. "Wow" is all I can say- they're amazing. They're short, but longer at the back, so as to not be indecent. Light as air, absolutely zero chafing and just a super great fit overall. Even if the Lulu ever brings the 'Turbo's' back, it won't matter- I'm a speed freak now! For reference, I'm almost 5'9- 125 lbs long legged and took my usual size 4. perfection :) March 6, 2014
Flawed pair I am a HUGE fan of Speeds; over the past year alone I have acquired over a dozen pair. Bought my usual size 6 in the super-cute raspberry gingham last fall. When it finally got warm enough to wear them running, however, there was some MAJOR chafing along the left inseam of the shorts-- I suspect it is a stitching flaw in that particular area b/c they fit fine and there was no problem anywhere else. However, since it is well past the return date I am stuck with them. I just hope I don't run into the same problem with the purple ones I ordered. (That being said, the review really applies mostly to lulu's super-restrictive return policy). March 3, 2014
inconsitant sizing I just ordered the cadet speeds in my normal size and the fit is perfect but they are SOOO long. I have lavender dusk, chevron dot and they are perfect....these look more like turbos! I returned and really hope they stop making them so long! Saw from several people the light flare had a terrible fit as well. February 18, 2014
lululemon NA - modèle Build Release : REL3-4.20140228.03:10 PM