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Course : Short Vitesse *extensible en 2 directions

un tissu léger extensible en quatre directions, qui évacue la sueur et nous tient au frais et confortable dans nos entraînements les plus intenses
robuste et léger, le tissu Swift est tissé de manière à résister au plus rigoureux des traitements. Nous adorons ce tissu technique pour sa performance efficace sans volume, ni prétention

les raisons de sa création

Nous avons créé ce short pour nous aider à demeurer confortables et bien au frais autant à l'entraînement que lors de la course. Le tissu Swift évacue la sueur, et la ceinture douce en tissu Light LuxtremeMC est doté d’un cordon qui nous permet de personnaliser l'ajustement pour que nous puissions battre nos records en tout confort. Andalé!

tissus + caractéristiques

  • le tissu Swift extensible en deux directions est léger et évacue la sueur
  • la ceinture large et plate en tissu Luxtreme ne s'inscrustera pas dans votre peau
  • les aérations arrière assurent une bonne circulation de l'air et les fentes aux cuisses offrent une grande liberté de mouvement
  • cordon infini pour un ajustement en un clin d'œil
  • rangez vos clés et vos cartes dans la poche à fermeture éclair à l'arrière de la ceinture
  • la doublure aide à vous couvrir et aide votre short à rester en place
  • coutures plates antifrottement conçues pour éliminer l'irritation de la peau humide et sensible
  • importé

coupe + fonction

  • conçu pour : course
  • tissu(s) :
    Light LuxtremeMC
  • coupe : ajustée
  • taille : basse
  • entrejambe : 2 po 1/2
  • doublure : oui
  • tour de jambe : 263/8 po
  • ourlet : non
54,00 $ CAN
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Run: Speed Short *2-way Stretch 4.3 5 1023 1027
Chafe the inner thighs :( These are by far my least favorite lulu shorts. They are too short and chafe the insides of my thighs when I run. Very uncomfortable. July 21, 2014
Love these shorts!!! I had to have the wee are from space silver spoon/antidote/clear mint shorts and was lucky enough to get them on WMTM. They fit perfectly, are absolutely beautiful and feel excellent on. Can not think of one single complaint!!! July 19, 2014
LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE These Shorts Bought these shorts on a whim because I HAD to have the wee weezy check colour- so cute! I ordered a sz 6 online immediately as the colour was almost sold out. When they came they were tiny! To my sadness I had to return them- but went in person to see if I could find another size. It turns out that I got the exact same pair in store and they fit fine- true to size. Same Bar code, same short, but fit MUCH differently than the ones I ordered online. Not sure what happened here, but would definantly recommend these shorts for the colour, fit and zipper pocket in the back. I am 135lbs, 5'6" for reference. July 15, 2014
Great shorts I love these as a swim coverup at the beach as well as running or really doing anything active. I prefer the 2 way stretch because I don't like how the four way feels of polyester. I wear shorts when it's hot and who wants to wear polyester when its hot? I wish there were more color/pattern options for these. I only buy colors with contrast piping, contrast piping accentuates the adorable details of these shorts. Bring back the spray dye and groovy stripes!! July 7, 2014
perfect length after I posted my own comment before I began reading some of the other comments and I found the majority of people claimed that they are too long in the back. Well, I disagree. I like the length the way it is because my mom doesn't like me wearing short shorts that fit semi-tightly. These shorts pass her approval as well as my own. Even though they aren't tight like jean shorts, they fit loose but not too loose at the same time as being more stylish, match with tops, comfortable, and dry and absorb liquid better than any other shorts I own. I am 5'1, weigh 90lb., have no curves other than my bust, and wear a size 2. I recommend these to everyone! No complaints necessary! June 29, 2014
these are ideal bought my first pair of these about a week ago and wore them in my first half marathon this past sunday - the most comfortable pair of shorts i have owned to date. i often would get annoyed with my shorts around mile 6 or 7 while i was training, but these were completely comfortable throughout the half and the back pocket was perfect for storing a gel for the race! i will definitely be picking up another pair. June 27, 2014
glad I bought them before they sold out! I loved the color of the spray dye white blue (now sold out), read the reviews of a slightly longer fit, and got my typical size 8 (I have thick thighs and do not like snug shorts). I have a pair from a couple years back and use them for hiking or running early summer mornings but not a typical longer run for modesty reasons and prefer the groovy run for that. I wore these on a warm 8+ mile run yesterday and really loved them, I did not even feel them. I know there are many who would like the shorter, snugger style to come back but I will admit I am not one of them :) June 16, 2014
PLEASE go back to old fit! These are about the only running short I generally wear. But I'm trying other brands lately because the back is now too long. I'm 5'3", 115 lbs. and a runner. Have a small rear end, and the new fit makes my butt look so saggy! PLEASE design a low-waisted, 2" inseam short for small butts! I used to live in these (I'm a trainer too), but now can't buy any new ones! June 14, 2014
SOOOO AMAZING Okay I'm never one to buy shorts and generally work out in crops. I have thick (read: strong) legs so I hate when shorts are tight around my quads and generally don't bother. I've gotten away with soccer shorts in the past but hate wearing them to CrossFit since they show TOO much when you squat! That being said I really needed some thing that was more comfortable with the warmer weather and I found it. They fit all over (I'm normally an 8 in Lulu plants and bought an 8 in this) and aren't even tight on my thighs. Plus the lining helps keep modesty so I can get in the bottom of my squat without being embarrassed. Bonus: these make my butt look super cute! I bought 2 more pairs and will get more! June 13, 2014
Love these running shorts These are my first pair of Lululemon running shorts and I am in love with them. I wore them today for a 10k race and they were a perfect length and fit. I plan on buying more of these. May 31, 2014
Lululemon NA - modèle Build Release : OMS-PH1B.20140717.09:50 AM