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Camisole Dos Nageur

une version légère de notre tissu LuonMC, tissu extensible en quatre directions qui évacue la sueur - à porter seul ou à superposer

les raisons de sa création

Nous aimons transpirer de façons variées et nous adorons les camisoles polyvalentes. Nous avons choisi d'omettre le soutien-gorge intégré et utilisé du tissu Light LuonMD extensible en quatre directions qui nous couvrira et assurera notre confort pendant nos entraînements intenses. La coupe longue nous permet de nous concentrer sur n’importe quel mouvement sans devoir penser à ajuster nos vêtements. Des entraînements intenses? Amenez-en.

tissus + caractéristiques

  • une version légère de notre tissu LuonMD, le tissu Light Luon est idéal pour la superposition pendant un entraînement qui fait suer
  • ce tissu technique évacue la sueur, laisse circuler l’air et est extensible en quatre directions
  • obtenez le maintien dont il vous faut en choisissant le soutien-gorge qui vous convient
  • la bretelle dos nageur vous laisse libre de bouger comme vous voulez
  • coupe allongée qui aide cette camisole à rester bien en place – idéale pour la superposition
  • importé

coupe + fonction

  • conçu pour : yoga, course, gym – tout!
  • tissu(s) :
    Light LuonMD
  • coupe : ajustée
  • soutien-gorge intégré : non
  • soutien : aucun
  • couverture : moyenne
  • longueur : longue
un moment, s'il vous plaît
un moment, s'il vous plaît
42,00 $ CAN
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Cool Racerback 4.3 5 1331 1343
I like shirts with support No bra built in! I want a shirt with a bra not to have to purchase another bra. No support thin snags not worth the cash.Bring back quality not quantity! Even flat chested people would like support September 18, 2014
Great Top I got this in camo and I love it. The texture is smooth and nice to practice in. I'm usually a 6, but I got an 8 because I thought it looked better on when it was a tiny bit baggy. Because of the fabric type, the 6 just looked kinda weird to me when it was tight. I'm 5'7" 140lbs and little waist. September 11, 2014
Favorite must have! I think I have this tank in ten different colors I love it so much! I am 5'5 135 lbs and I am curvy in the hips so I get an 8 because I like it fitted but not tight. It is nice and long and washes well. I hope they never change this tank! September 7, 2014
Comfiest Singlet Ever I don't generally read reviews before I buy a product because I like to make up my own mind; and I'm glad because if I had listened to the negative reviews on the Cool Racerback I might never have discovered how amazing they are. I purchased my first one in black, in a Lulu store and immediately loved the shape and the softness of the fabric. These are without a doubt my favourite tanks to work out in. I do mostly weight training and cardio at the gym but I would also wear these to my dance classes and even kickboxing. They are a fitted cut, which is something I really like in a workoout top because I don't like floaty tops that I have to constantly check are staying in place. I now have about five of these and I plan to purchase even more. Love it. :) September 3, 2014
sweat in style Thick enough for great coverage but light enough to breath well. Love the fit and variance in colours! September 3, 2014
By far, my favorite top! The Cool Racerback is my uniform, seriously. I wear it to work, teaching dance, but I also wear it with my lulu shorts or astro pants in "real life" when I am running around with my kids. It is as comfy as PJ's, but gives a much more put-together look. Keep coming out with new fun colors, lululemon! I love that it does not have a built-in bra -- I'd much rather choose my own level of support for underneath. September 3, 2014
Gorgeous Tank but Terrible Pilling! I bought the green cameo cool racerback 1 month ago as a birthday present to myself. I wore it running and LOVED it but on its second wash the back bottom of the tank came out all pilled!! I followed the washing instructions to a T however I have 4 - 5 year old lulu products that are in better condition than this tank is after two washes!! I am very disappointed and I hope I just got a faulty tank?! I love this company and will continue to shop but I am shocked at the poor quality of this product. September 2, 2014
Great style, have bought in different lengths I use the CRB quite often in my class and personal practice. I have one of the CRB racing length shirts, as well as the "extra long" length which I bought...going on two years ago and they are both holding up to a T. I have had a few average length ones come and go from my closet, and I would say I prefer the longer length coverage, because on my petite frame it fits almost like a mini dress...which leaves me feeling more covered from studio to street. The fit is wonderful, holds everything in place. Very comfortable tank for a variety of things. Working out, running, hiking, yoga, errands, etc. September 1, 2014
Decent Multipurpose Tank I feel like the straps on these are a little long. If I scoot the tank up to wear I feel the neckline should be, there is excess strap and if I pull the tank all the way down, the neckline is very low. It is super comfortable and versatile; I've used for yoga, running, and weight lifting. September 1, 2014
Great Running Tank I love this running tank! I have wear it 2-3 times a week to run and I love it! It feel great and wicks away moisture. It is well worth the price! It stretched out a tiny bit at the bottom but its not an issue. September 1, 2014
lululemon NA - modèle Build Release : REL-14.2.20140913.02:24 PM