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Camisole Dos Nageur

Notre fameux tissu est extensible en quatre directions, il évacue la sueur et est doux comme du coton. Nous adorons ce tissu haute performance pour son extensibilité et sa rétention incomparables

les raisons de sa création

Nous aimons transpirer de façons variées et nous adorons les camisoles polyvalentes. Nous avons quitté le soutien-gorge intégré du mélange et avons utilisé le tissu LuonMD extensible en quatre directions pour avoir à la fois couverture et confort. La coupe longue nous permet de nous concentrer sur n’importe quel mouvement sans devoir penser à ajuster nos vêtements. Des entraînements intenses? Amenez-en.

tissus + caractéristiques

  • le tissu LuonMD évacue la sueur et est extensible en quatre directions
  • le tissu conserve bien sa forme grâce à l'ajout de fibres LYCRAMD qui bougent avec vous
  • ce tissu technique évacue la sueur, laisse circuler l’air et est extensible en quatre directions
  • obtenez le maintien dont il vous faut en choisissant le soutien-gorge qui vous convient
  • la bretelle dos nageur vous laisse libre de bouger comme vous voulez
  • coupe allongée qui aide cette camisole à rester bien en place – idéale pour la superposition
  • importé

coupe + fonction

  • conçu pour : yoga, course, gym – tout!
  • tissu(s) :
  • coupe : moulante
  • soutien-gorge intégré : non
  • maintien : aucun
  • couverture : moyenne
  • longueur : à la hanche
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un moment, s'il vous plaît
$42,00 CAD
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Cool Racerback 4.3 5 1362 1374
Paradise grid! CRBs are my favorite Lulu tanks. I really love the paradise grid pattern when it came out but was hesitant because of the high polyester content in print fabrics. It arrived in the mail today and I am so glad that I took a chance. The print is more vibrant in person. More importantly, the fabric feels thick and silky, not scratchy at all. December 19, 2014
This tank is so comfortable, I want to wear it all the time! I did go a size up (normally 4, but purchased this in a 6) just because I wanted a little more length, and it still fits nicely, just not quite as snug as the 4. December 16, 2014
Love this tank.... The colors, fabric and comfort of this tank is unsurpassed. My only suggestion? Make this tank with a built in long line bra with inserts, to wear in public, without having to wear a bra underneath. December 14, 2014
Favourite Tank I just bought the striped Heathered Bordeaux one, and I have 4 others. I tried a few different styles of tanks on today and I always go back to the Cool Racerback as it fits the best, it's soft, looks great and its awesome for all types of work outs. I wear them under my jackets or tops to work, and I'm ready to work out at the end of the day! December 8, 2014
Perfect fit This is my all time favorite tank. While I do wear it for yoga and the gym, I also love just lounging around in it. The fabric is soft, and I love that it hugs the body and doesn't get stretched out. I'm about 5'10" with no shortage of hips, so I also love that the tank comes down and snuggly fits over them. Too often tops are cut to short for tall people. Thank you Lulu for making this! I have it in five colors and counting. December 6, 2014
So comfy but so not right for me I bought a Cool Racerback a couple years ago and absolutely love it, still wear it, and the only problem I've had is a bit of pilling over time. I went in today hoping to buy another so that my CR can have a friend, but it just wasn't quite right for me. The colour selection was great, the material was oh so soft and comfortable, and the option to hem was nice to have... but it just wasn't the workout top I was looking for. I tried it on in-store, did a couple squats n' jumping jacks in the changeroom and found that this tank would NOT keep my girls (34B) covered. About 1/3 of my bra was "peeking" out. Would not recommend for anything but streetwear. tl;dr - Cute comfy top that looks good until you start jumping around. Too low-cut for me! December 5, 2014
good quality, but too low cut for running quality, comfort, fit, colors, length, all great. i liked that the top was long enough to not have to worry about it riding up during spin class. however, the description for this tank top says it was designed for run. i can't run or even go to spin class in this tank top, because i feel self-conscious about how low-cut it is. i am not particularly large-busted (34c), and even so, after working out for a few minutes, the neckline slides to below my sports bra. December 4, 2014
Suits every activity I can't say enough great things about the CRB. I've owned many over several years and they don't disappoint. I have noticed that they are a bit thinner, but hold up just as well and are flattering. They key is washing in cold and hanging/lying flat to dry. Very effective in wicking sweat during cardio/weights, but also stay down during yoga. December 1, 2014
versatile, cute top but small quality issues I love this top - it's great for pretty much anything like they said. One small issue is that the first time I washed it, it pilled quite a bit on the backside. I'm not sure how since I wash all my lulu stuff alone on cold/delicate and air dry them, but I have had this same experience with the full on luon in the wunder under pants maybe it has to do with the luon. I got this top on sale in the savasana camo and besides that small issue, I think it was a great purchase. I wear it to yoga, run, play tennis, and to barre. The fit is tight so bear that in mind when purchasing. November 27, 2014
Snagged out of the bag I received my crb in great granite Mohave tan last week as a gift from my husband who bought it on sale.i put it on today for the first time and it has a huge snag and hole under the couldn't be somewhere discreet it has to be right in front and 2.5 inches long.i would love to cry right now,what a waste of money,not even one ware out of it and now that color is no longer available.not sure if I'd buy another if they are that delicate,this is supposed to be clothing you can live in day to day and to not even get a day out of a 34$-42$ top is pretty sad.dissapointed,it would have been super cute with my black tracker shorts. November 25, 2014