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Course : Chandail tech À vive allure

les raisons de sa création

Nous avons conçu ce haut de course afin d'avoir en lui un compagnon fidèle lorsque nous chaussons nos espadrilles. Le corps est sans couture pour que nous soyons confortables lorsque nous suons sans fin durant les longues courses, et il est léger pour être facile à transporter lorsque nous devons nous dévêtir.

tissus + caractéristiques

  • la technologie SilverescentMC conçue avec la fibre X-STATICMD, aide à entraver la croissance des bactéries qui causent les odeurs dans le chandail
  • le t-shirt est fabriqué principalement sans coutures pour aider à prévenir l'irritation de la peau humide
  • portez ce haut seul ou comme première couche légère pendant vos entraînements plus frisquets
  • là où il y a des coutures, elles sont plates et conçues pour réduire l’irritation
  • les trous pour les pouces permettent de maintenir les manches en place et gardent les mains au chaud
  • importé

coupe + fonction

  • conçu pour : course
  • coupe : ajustée
  • longueur : à la hanche
68,00 $ CAN
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Run: Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve 3.8 5 734 736
very disappointed, sadly would not recommend As an long time runner I was very excited about the sliverscent fabric which is so light weight and perfect for morning runs. After only the third time wearing it i noticed a run down the side of the shirt. I have been a lululemon customer for years and have always been extra gentle with all my clothes from there. But I have never had something like this happen. Very disappointed and would not recommend !! August 28, 2014
Should've listened Out of nowhere my swiftly to ended up with a hole on the arm... Not even on the seam, it was just the fabric. I realize this is a unique material (I wash it in delicate & hang dry) but come on, for $80 a technical shirt should not just tear! I am embarrassed after I talk up lulu products to my friends all the time. So sad as I did like the shirt as I only have worn it about 6 times now. Ugh August 26, 2014
Please make more bright colours! I went into all three of my local stores looking for the crew neck long sleeve in a colour of any kind. All there were for colour selection was white, solid grey and grey with white stripes. Boring! So many LLL pants are in a solid dark colour, that I like to wear something bright so I don't look so glum. C'mon people I'm running 10k at 6am, I need pep! Please make more bright colours! And not just in the scoop neck. I live in Edmonton, and it's already getting cold out here for my morning runs, in August! The scoop neck just doesn't cover enough of your chest when running, and the crew neck is perfect!! :) August 26, 2014
Love It!!! I bought this shirt about 2 weeks ago and absolutely love it. It is so comfortable and light weight which is perfect for me while i am training my clients! I bought it in the color grey. :) August 22, 2014
So disappointing! I purchased this to run and mostly hang out in. I bought the lighter orange color and when i washed it with similar colors, it was completely ruined. After hand drying it, the top was stained with grey marks in several spots across the front. I have purchased tons of stuff at Lulu and I was especially disappointed at this one since I only got to wear it once. August 21, 2014
a winter staple i have two of these tops and i plan on purchasing more for this winter. i snowboard and they are the perfect base layer. and stylish too. lulu please come out with bright colors this winter! August 20, 2014
disappointing quality I have always loved, worn and recommended lululemon products to friends, family and coworkers but today when taking this long sleeve off at work my finger went through the fabric. Perhaps I'm stronger than I ever considered myself. I normally wear these tops with scrubs as I am a nurse, I have this shirt in every colour and I don't mind paying $70 because I thought I was buying quality and sweat technology. But maybe I was wrong! August 15, 2014
Wanted to love it I bought this shirt at the newly renovated Oshawa, ON store. I tried it on and loved it right away... Already a fan of swiftlys, I have two racer backs and a short sleeve. I should have taken my first warning sign when the neck was torn at the back, so I grabbed a different shirt off the wall. I have worn this only a couple times and I decided to wash it. Big mistake because the snags in result of the wash are drawn out and so noticeable I can't even wear this... $70 on a shirt gone. The biggest one is right in the center of the shirt and on the sleeve. Also pulling and small snags throughout. So sad about this shirt as I wanted to get one for some time. August 10, 2014
Disappointed I have the racerback top that is made of the same material as this, and so I was excited when I received this long sleeve version as a gift. However, similar to another review, it snagged almost immediately. I don't even know how it happened since I do not wear jewelry when working out. The snag pulled out a long thread from the arm which I haven't been able to fix. Not only that, but after a single hand wash and air dry, which is how I was all of my lulu gear, the material of the sleeves actually shrunk. Now, there is almost no give in the arms and they are very tight. Overall, I would not suggest purchasing this item, at least in the gray color... Maybe the other color materials are better quality. August 8, 2014
Beware of stains I have only enjoyed this top in the Mint Moment (fluorescent green) colour for 3 months, until the fateful day I tried to remove a stain from it. I used what I use on all my other clothes - oxiclean - as it tends to be the most gentle. It has left my once cherished top a stained mess. Anywhere the oxiclean hit, the top turned a bluish-black colour and it won't budge. It is worse than the original stain I was trying to treat, and worse, it is now over the whole shirt instead of just the spot I was treating. Further, it was the only top I had that went with some crops and skirt I bought at the same time. So, the moral of the story is, just don't get any stains on yourself and you'll be fine. I'm not sure if this is just because of the colour I chose, or the fabric but it has never happened to me on any other lulu anti-stink shirts I have. Any advice on products to use for Lulu anti-stink would be greatly appreciated. It appears I can not salvage this top. July 31, 2014
Lululemon NA - modèle Build Release : OMS-PH1B.20140724.09:37 AM