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Course : Chandail À Vive Allure

les raisons de sa création

Nous avons conçu ce haut de course afin d'avoir en lui un compagnon fidèle lorsque nous chaussons nos espadrilles. Le corps est sans couture pour que nous soyons confortables lorsque nous suons sans fin durant les longues courses, et il est léger pour être facile à transporter lorsque nous devons nous dévêtir.

tissus + caractéristiques

  • la technologie SilverescentMC conçue avec la fibre X-STATICMD, aide à entraver la croissance des bactéries qui causent les odeurs dans le chandail
  • le t-shirt est fabriqué principalement sans coutures pour aider à prévenir l'irritation de la peau humide
  • portez ce haut seul ou comme première couche légère pendant vos entraînements plus frisquets
  • là où il y a des coutures, elles sont plates et conçues pour réduire l’irritation
  • les trous pour les pouces permettent de maintenir les manches en place et gardent les mains au chaud
  • importé

coupe + fonction

  • conçu pour : course
  • coupe : ajustée
  • longueur : à la hanche
68,00 $ CAN
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Run: Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve 3.8 5 724 726
love love this is a great long sleeve! Good to layer, or wear alone if it's cool. One of my absolute favorite lulu buys. TTS. Great long length. The fabric is delicate, but i've not had any negative issues with it. Please continue to make these in more colors with the crew neck! *bruised berry would be spectacular. July 4, 2014
vfit I wore this shirt one time and the front snagged catching on??not sure? Maybe my watch? I work in a gym and wear athletic clothes everyday, never have I had a shirt do this. I do not live in a town that has a Lululemon store, so I wasn't able to take it back within 30 days. When I went to the nearest city that had one, I didn't even ask for a refund, just wanted to exchange it (still had my receipt), they wouldn't! I feel they should stand by their products. I own a lot of Lululemon clothes, but now I really hesitate in buying anything. June 27, 2014
Super fun & flattering I bought this in the bright yellow/green, and have absolutely enjoyed it! I mostly wear it for cover up, though could certainly see it having its uses for exercise in the colder months (but I live in Texas, so). It has a great fit and is super flattering (accentuates the muscles!). I realize a lot of other reviewers have had issue with it being a really delicate fabric. I haven't had an issue with that (yet?), despite plenty of wear (& washing). Hopefully that's not the case. Definitely recommend this as a lulu addition to complement your workout wardrobe! For reference, I'm 5'5", 125 lbs, and typically a lulu 6 or 8 - got a 6 in this top. June 19, 2014
Great coverup outside and at the gym Love the way it hugs the form and the thumbs holes. Very thin, not really that warm but it does manage sweat well. Not really odor resistant - you will still need to wash it (but to be fair I think I bought it before the odor-protection feature). There is a little bit of wear after 1 year, but I honestly don't wear it everyday. I wear it jogging when it's sunny and cooler as sun protection so I like the coverage, but also wore it to the gym last night after zumba - I was a little sweaty so put it over my "energy"-style top to do weights. Bought the grey in size 6 (5ft 4, small chest, 125 lbs). Overall, I feel it was worth the money. June 18, 2014
Obsessed Want this in every colour! Please continue to offer more!!! June 13, 2014
snags I absolutely love lululemon and have bought many pairs of pants from here and have always been happy with the quality of my running tights and shorts/spandex. I ventured out and bought my first top, the run swiftly long sleeves and within a couple wears there are multiple snags. I wash the shirt as it says to but there are still snags. I would expect better quality from an $80 shirt and am very disappointed lululemon. These tops are too cute, but the quality is so unfortunate that I am hesitant to purchase the short sleeves (even though the blue one has caught my eye multiple times).. June 13, 2014
Changed my mind A couple of months ago I wrote a really good review on these tops. I have 4 LS swiftlys that I wear relatively regularly for running as well as running errands. The swiftly that I bought most recently (a few months ago) is now starting to show wear and tear - snags have developed on the upper arms and the seaming is starting to unravel a bit. I wash the shirts as instructed, and make sure nothing with zippers or buttons are included in my LLL laundry loads, but the snags still developed. Not a big deal, as the shirt is still plenty functional, but I'm still disappointed. I recently discovered that another big brand in athletic apparel makes a similar shirt in a fabric that's even more comfortable to wear, and dries faster when I finish a sweaty run. And the fabric seems to be much less prone to snagging. My days of buying LLL swiftlys are over. I still love a lot of other LLL products, swiftlys not included :o( May 27, 2014
Anti-stink? I used to love these shirts. I replaced a short sleeve one I had for a couple years because I found it started to hold a sweat smell. I figured the shirt was just old, but I recently purchased a long sleeve one and after a couple of months wear, it also held the sweat smell. I can't get it out. I wear it twice a week and wash it the day I wear it or the day after. For the price of the shirt and the advertisement of anti-stink, it's not something I'd recommend. May 19, 2014
not sure why everyone is having problems I have the long sleeve Swiftly Tech shirt. I was a little hesitant to buy this only after reading many of the reviews. I told this to a worker at Lululemon store and she said she has many that never tore. So I took the chance?best choice! I wore this in my half marathon just recently and it was so comfy, allowing me to breathe as well. I was wearing a running pack around my waist and it did not snag. I washed it with ONLY my athletic wear (with no zippers or anything to snag) and put in dryer on delicate. No snags, No lint, no roll ups. Just be cautious how you wash all your athletic gear! May 7, 2014
Love and Hate I just bought this shirt last week on Friday. I wore it twice over the weekend - fit was great and super comfortable! However, I just realized that on the back near the bottom of the shirt - little lint balls are forming. I CANNOT BELIEVE IT! I wore it twice!! For the price that I paid, I'd think the fabric would be better quality and be able to wear it for a long time! If you were to buy this, please be careful if you want to wear something on top or rub anything against it. Make sure it doesn't irritate the material. Might have to think twice about this fabric next time.... May 7, 2014
lululemon NA - modèle Build Release : OMS-PH1B.20140717.09:50 AM